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Just about to start FF15, any spoiler-free tips?

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    Hi guys, first post whats up.

    Anyways, I am about to start FF15 once its done downloading all the updates. Do you have any tips? I don’t want to miss anything big. Thanks!



    Bank all your exp for the x2 hotel at the beach town. Do extra stuff like crazy.



    Take your time with it. At the end of the month there is going to be a patch that’s going to alter Chapter 13. Another recommendation: try not to explore too much on your own otherwise you’ll be doing a lot of back tracking. The NPC’s will give you side quests that involve you going to different locations/ dungeons. I made the mistake of going to Mt Ravatogh on my own. Later, I was given 4 different side quests from NPCs to go back and do tasks. I was not pleased. Same thing with Costlemark, which is a super tedious dungeon.



    I would suggest doing all of the “open world” stuff like sidequests hunts etc. before first leaving for Altissia. Once you get to Altissia the game becomes much more linear in nature. Of course you can still return to the open world after reaching Altissia but i found the pacing to be smoother when doing everything in the open world first before moving onto the linear second half of the game.

    By doing all the openworld stuff first you will also get some pretty useful items (e.g. Ribbon by completing Sonia’s sidequest among others). You will also be able to for all intents and purposes breeze through the second half of the game. The final quest is a recommended level of 45. Upon reaching Altissia I was around lvl 75-80 for instance.

    Hope this helps somewhat.


    Raistlin Mustaine

    I started this week and I am loving it. First FF in awhile and the first I’ve played that’s in the 2000’s lol. I always dug the old school stuff more but this has me hooked. 20 hours in and basically just doing hunts and side quests and they aren’t boring at all. The x2 exp hotel is great advice, I went from level 19 to 29 once!



    How are the sidequests not boring? :s

    ‘Find my rocks at here, then here then here, then here’ ‘Find my frogs here, then here, then h-fucking everywhere’ ‘find my hunter tags here, then here, thene here’ and let’s not forget the riveting quest to get the vegetables to the grocery store, which functionally feels similar to the aforementioned quests.

    And before anyone says it, ‘they get you to explore the world’ is a pretty poor excuse IMO because it just highlights how shallow the open world of XV actually is that all you can do on it is proc mobs and find blue dots and every square inch, as opposed to something like Breath of the Wild which has over 100+ shrines (min dungeons, cool puzzles) and you can interact with everything by cutting down trees, starting fires, Link can climb 99% of every surface in the game meaning he can find his vanatage points to snipe enemies from or climb ledges to paraglide of of.

    Yes, I’m triggered, and still butthurt so INB4 those comments, it’s justified to be this salty some times.

    I am genuinely glad you are enjoying the game though, ahem, don’t mind me. 😛

    Also, the only advice you ‘need’ is the EXP thing, everything else I feel is more fun to figure out, then you can ask if there’s something you don’t get, like magic generation.


    Raistlin Mustaine

    I know saying it is fun sounds crazy but when your laid off and just quit smoking, you tend to enjoy mind numbing tasks lol.



    Being laid off work does suck. I was on unemployment for about 9 months a few years back, at the time it seemed to be forever but looking back I barely remember it. Although I was able to knock out FFXIII-2 during that time amongst some other games. I’ll wish you good luck on the game, the job hunt, and quitting smoking.

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