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    I’ve made this account for this post only. I have listened to all the shows for awhile now, and when I heard you were to be playing Bloodborne, I was very excited.

    You see. Bloodborne, and the Souls games, are very special. They are unlike any other game, solely for this reason alone: They prove that the player is capable of overcoming impossible odds.

    Now Joe will read the word “impossible” and use that as proof that Bloodborne is too hard for him, so co-oping through the entire game was sufficient. This is not true. I will tell you why.

    Joe still believes Bloodborne is a hard game. Anyone who has truly beaten Bloodborne will tell you it is not a hard game, only different. It takes awhile to “unlearn” things taken for granted in other games, but once you do, the game is no more difficult than God of War.

    Take for instance animation canceling. Joe believes that mashing buttons is just the natural way to play this type of game, he cannot imagine learning to control his button presses as Bloodborne demands. He just blames the game for his inability to learn and adapt.

    Joe never attempted to learn the lessons that Bloodborne was trying to teach him. Bloodborne shoved Joe up against a wall, showed him the door, but he chose to hit his head up against the wall while ignoring the arrow pointing to the unlocked door five feet away.

    Joe never had to explore a level. Joe never had to learn enemy attack patterns or timings. Joe never even learned how to parry. Joe knows he didn’t learn these lessons, that’s why he is still afraid of Bloodborne.

    Like, Joe, I’m gunna be a real for a minute. When I first played a Souls game, I suffered from crippling depression. I could barely leave my house, and calling quits one life became more and more tempting everyday.

    Life was just “too hard,” learning how to be a functional adult was “impossible.”

    Enter a game that flirtatiously says “Ohhhh look at me, I’m too hard, I’m impossible, beat you can’t beat me.” The souls series act as a risk-free crucible for testing a persons determination in the face of adversity. It’s a video game, literally nothing bad can happen to you, yet the emotional journey is very, very real.

    After beating my first “impossible” game, I felt like I could “beat” the other “impossible” tasks in my life. I got a job, I moved out of my parent’s house, etc etc. I’m now like an amazing dude living an amazing life. I feel capable and powerful. I feel like anything I put my mind to, I can accomplish. I credit some of this personal revelation to the Souls series.

    It actually makes me really disappointed that when faced with adversity, and the opportunity to have a life altering experience, Joe opted out because “it’s too hard or me.” I hate it when people say shit like this, but I’m honestly going to have a really hard time respecting Joe’s opinions after hearing all this.

    Joe, I have platinumed Bloodborne. I have put more than 500 hours into Bloodborne and over 2000 hours in the Souls series comebined. I am an active member of the tomb prospector/chalice dungeon community. I know what I am talking about.

    Joe, I can say with certainty, you did not beat Bloodborne – Bloodborne beat you.



    Kaleb Craig,
    You should just play Bloodborne for the review. You seem to not be intimidated by Bloodborne, and therefore could probably beat it ezpz, because the game is all about mindset. The review episode would be much better with your perspective replacing Joe’s. I know you have a lot on you plate right now with tons of “100+ hour JRPGs,” but I hope you can find a way to carve out 30 hours for Bloodborne.

    You’re killing it dude. I’m very much looking forward to you perspective on the game – positives and negatives. Don’t listen to Joe when he denigrates you about going to “optional” areas. Those areas contain upgrade tools that are necessary for beating the game. Of course, Joe does not know this, and never even got the tool necessary to slot gems into weapons. Gems and weapon customization is a large part of the game that Joe skipped because he had other people play the game for him so his weapons didn’t matter.



    I will probably give it another shot.



    rudgur, next time I stream you should come watch, if I ever get the stream working properly. Could use your advice while I play.



    I dunno why you wasted your time with that crap, should have just went with the tried and true ‘git gud’ and nothing else.



    Wow, you torched him. I agree that he gave up, but the reality is that this is a game he never actually wanted to play or intended to play seriously. Joe has said it himself, he is a quitter and thats what they do… they quit. He didn’t have the right mindset going in. He was only doing it, because it was a forced entry. The only thing that pushed him through it was money and that he got to promote something he loves, which is film and directing.

    I believe he technically beat the game, but the entire spirit of the game and what truly makes the series special was lost on him. Its a shame too, because its really great! I started the game a day after him and completed it weeks before him. I got “gud” as the kids say and I did it by myself. Took 80-ish hours, but I now have a coveted plat to show for it and above that, I accomplished something I can be proud of. I even had a job interview last week (which gave me terrible anxiety) and I thought to myself, if I can platinum Bloodborne, a job interview is nothing. I ended up getting the job.

    I also don’t believe Joe will review the game fairly, considering how he played it. Its hard to respect that, but it is what it is. If they want to invite me to come on for the review, so they can get someone that played the entirety of the game, all they need to do is ask. I live 15 minutes away from them…



    “I am an active member of the tomb prospector/chalice dungeon community. I know what I am talking about.” Is the greatest sentence written on this forum.



    If this guy is legit about how this game helped his depression and this isn’t some kind of shit post, Joe’s a fucking asshole for berating him like that.

    Just review the game and be done with it so we can move on. After this the whole thing with games being done half-assed should be over for some time at least.



    I didn’t know they talked about this on nude already… oops. It doesn’t seem like its a serious comment after reading it again.



    I find it very hard to belive Bloodborne cured people’s cancer or sorted out their life or whatever tbh



    It’s definitely a possibility that the guy is full of shit. But just as much of a chance that he’s not. We’re basing assumptions on our interpretation of how hard the game is.

    My point is that we don’t know. We can think it’s one way or another, but on the chance that the guy is being honest and opening up about his depression, then gets shit on for it and basically teased is beyond fucked up.

    If he truly thought the guy is trolling, best to leave it be and ignore it.


    Joseph DeGolyer

    I think I made it clear on the show that if this post weren’t bogus and this game actually was the catalyst that got him to put his life together, then good for him. Either way, don’t tell me how to play a game. There’s a warning at the beginning of every show, and I can’t be tip-toeing around everyone who trolls me.

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