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Jessica and Medea Part 2-DQVIII

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    Brentton Smith (ThyDeathSword)

    Jessica and Medea Part 2


    (Narrator) A little surprised from hearing Medea whisper her name, Jessica jerked her hand away from Medeas breast.

    (Medea) Well I didn’t ask you to stop.

    (Narrator) Medea grabbed Jessica’s hand, placed it back on her breast and squeezed.

    (Jessica) I got us a room downstairs we can go to, so we don’t wake The Hero.

    (Narrator) Jessica slowly helped Medea out of bed and the two of them snuck out the door, heading downstairs. Jessica was about to open the door to the new room when Medea stopped her.

    (Medea) Let’s go back to the pub and grab a few drinks before we fool around. I’d like to get a little drunk first.

    (Jessica) I could use a few shots of whiskey.

    (Narrator) The two girls walk out into the cool night. The wind blowing a slight chill through the air. Medea, still in her thin night gown(+100 defense), wrapped her arms around her chest to cover her nipples as they started to peek through. Jessica was wearing her Dangerous Bustier, that left her legs bare and her cleavage open.

    (Jessica) Don’t cover yourself, I like what I see.

    (Medea) A Princess shouldn’t be in public like this. Maybe we should go change?

    (Jessica-jokingly) It’s late, I doubt too many people will be at the bar. If so, then we’ll come back here and have some super sexy swingin puff puff time.

    (Narrator) Medea laughed and agreed. They walked down the dusty road to the bar. Jessica could hardly keep her eyes of Medea. Watching her walk was intoxicating, Medea hips moving side to side and her nearly bare bottom teasing Jessica through the night gown. The streets were dark and the town of Pickham seemed to be asleep. When they got to the bar, Medea told Jessica to go in, to see if it was busy. Jessica opened the door and peered inside. The bartender was wiping down the bar, a cute blonde waitress in a bunny outfit was tending two men at the back of the room, and one man was passed out at a table beside them.

    (Jessica) We should be fine. Two men are flirting with the waitress, another is passed out, and only the bartender will notice us.

    (Narrator) The two girls walked in and only the bartender looked their way. They walked up to a pair of stools at the bar and sat down. Jessica’s big bosoms lay perfectly on the countertop as she sat down. Medea sat, leaning over to hide her almost nude breasts under the table, so the bartender couldn’t see, but the way she bent over left her back arched and her round ass poking off the seat of the stool. Jessica gazed at her and could feel herself getting moist.

    (Medea-to the bartender) We’ll start with two shots of whiskey a piece.

    (Narrator) The barkeep nodded and swiftly placed four glasses in front of them and poured. Jessica and Medea both grabbed a shot, clanked them together, and downed the glass. The warm, bittersweet taste of barley slid down their throats.

    (Jessica) Ah, the nectar of the goddess.

    (Medea-giggling) I don’t think two a piece will be enough for us.

    (Narrator) The girls took the second shot and ordered four more.

    (Medea) So, what made you to finally come to me?

    (Jessica) Yangus and Angelo are great. I just needed something….. different. I’ve never been with another woman.

    (Medea) Wait, what? You’ve had sex with Angelo AND Yangus?

    (Narrator) They both take another shot.

    (Jessica-laughing) Yes, we’ve been traveling together for a while now. We need something to help relieve ourselves.

    (Medea) I wondered why you guys always roomed together. I’m jealous. So you’ve had them both at the same time, how is that?

    (Jessica) It’s great, having them both inside me is amazing. I always climax with them but I normally play the submissive…..I want to be in control for once.

    (Medea) Oh, so you’re trying to take advantage of me, eh?

    (Narrator) Jessica takes her fourth shot of whiskey. Then turns and stares straight into Medea’s green eyes and runs her hand across Medea’s leg.

    (Jessica) Is that going to be a problem?

    (Narrator) Medea takes a shot and parts her legs for Jessica’s fingers.

    (Medea) Not at all.

    (Narrator) Jessica glides her finger between Medea thighs and feels how wet she is.

    (Jessica) Four more shots please.

    (Narrator) The bartender refills their glasses again. The waitress, now sitting between the two men at the back, starts laughing. Medea and Jessica look over and see the men groping the waitresses breasts.

    (Medea) Looks like we’re not the only ones in here fooling around.

    (Narrator) Medea and Jessica watch as the two men start kissing the waitresses neck, their big hands rubbing all over her body. The waitress starts moaning and puts her hands between the legs of the two men. From where Medea and Jessica are sitting they can see right under the table of the two men, and watch as they grow hard from the waitress rubbing their cocks.

    (Medea) Whew, is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?

    (Narrator) Jessica and Medea took another shot. The two men each put a hand between the waitresses legs and began fingering her. The waitresses moans grew louder.


    Brentton Smith (ThyDeathSword)

    Something went wrong when I copied and pasted this one and it cut some of it off. The post above this one is the finished version

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