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Jessica and Medea Part 1-DQVIII

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    Brentton Smith (ThyDeathSword)

    NOTES-I Wrote this specifically for SSSFF. I tried to stay away from too much character conversations so it doesn’t get mixed up and no one knows who is talking. That being said, most of this is narration. So Jake and Lycan can switch back and forth as Narrator. Jake needs to voice Jessica and Lycan voice Medea. (Even though she only had one line in this, hence why I said switch back and forth with narrator.) This is my first Fan Fiction so feedback would be much appreciated. I’m in no way a writer or a English genius so I’m pretty sure I over used commas and didn’t use proper punctuation, but I feel it’s pretty decent. I guess I have to say I don’t own these characters or anything related to Dragon Quest. It’s all Square Enix’s fault for making such fuckable characters.

    (Narrator) After a long days trek from Ascantha Castle to Pickham, and an evening full of mead in the town of crooks and theives, the group decided to call it a night and rest at the inn. Yangus and Angelo slept on the two beds and were snoring loudly. The Hero and Medea had requested a room to themselves.

    (Narrator) Jessica lay awake, thinking about the events that they had all been through. They had finally beaten Dhoulmagus and returned King Trode and Princess Medea to their former selves. The King was back at Troden Castle, as a king should be, but Medea had requested to journey with the rest of them. So the five of them took off in search for new adventures, yet none have came.

    (Jessica)”The closest thing to adventure that we’ve had has been slaying that group of wild Jargons near the Abbey”
    Jessica thought to herself.
    “With the five of us together it was too easy. The pay was fair but I need some fire, some action.”

    (Narrator) It had been nearly 3 months since the final fight with Dhoulmagus, the last time the group had felt the heat of battle. Jessica reached to her side and felt her whip on the floor. She always kept it close by. Yearning for action, she jumped up and swung her whip, creating a loud CRACK as is licked at the air. Neither Yangus or Angelo stirred. The nights mead and put them in a deep sleep.

    (Jessica-whispering) “Damn! That usually wakes them.”

    (Narrator) Jessica always shared and room with Yangus and Angelo, while the future wife and husband got their own room. It didn’t bother Jessica, she had grown close to her friends, very close. On nights when they weren’t drunk out of their minds, Yangus, Angelo, and Jessica would have threesomes. Angelo was nervous at first to fuck her with Yangus. So one night, Jessica needing some action, started rubbing Yangus’ cock through his shorts. To her surprise the big man was quite endowed. She pulled his shorts down and stroked his girth. Angelo sat in the corner watching. Yangus sat morning to the soft touch of Jessica’s hands as she slowing jerked his dick. He then took her pigtails in his hands and guided her mouth to his crotch. She licked up and down, and loved the way Yangus was tugging her hair. Once his dick was wet with saliva she tried to deep throat his large cock. The sound of her gagging on Yangus’ dick was too much for Angelo to handle. He unbuckled his belt, slid his trousers down, lifted Jessica’s dress and entered her wet pussy. It surprised Jessica so much she nearly bit Yangus as she was sucking him. Angelo fucked her hard from behind, her big breasts swinging free from the motion. Seeing the opportunity, Yangus leaned down and cupped her tits in his hands. The three of them went on like this for nearly an hour until all three of them climaxed at the same time. Jessica’s juicy pussy full of Angelos seed, but her mouth couldn’t handle the amouth of cum Yangus had given her, so as she got off her knees it dangled from her lips and dripped onto her chest.
    They had many nights like this since then, it helped ease Jessica’s thirst for action, but tonight it wasn’t enough.

    (Jessica-speaking softly) “As fun as that might be, tonight I need a new adventure. I’ve had my fair share of cock, I’d like to try my hand with a girl tonight.”

    (Narrator) Jessica began to think of Medea, her long, silky, black hair and sexy slim physique. The way her white dress clung to her sweaty body when they fought monsters together. Yes, tonight Jessica wanted to dominate her. Run her hands across Medeas tight body and feel every curve. But how? Medea is in the room with The Hero. She would have to be quiet, and quiet sex is never fun. Jessica went to the chest of drawers and got her coin purse. She then walked out of the room, down to the lobby, and rented another room.

    (Jessica-speaking herself) “Yes, our own little sex chamber.”

    (Narrator) She went to her new rented room, which was on the floor below the others.

    (Jessica) “Good, we can be as loud as we want in here.”

    (Narrator) After checking out the room and imagining the things to come, she quietly went to the room Medea and The Hero were in. She slowly turned to knob, luckily I was unlocked, peered inside and saw the two asleep, cuddling each other. Jessica slowly walked over and whispered Medeas name.

    (Jessica-whispering) “Medea, wake up. I have something I want to talk to you about.”

    (Narrator) Jessica placed her hand on Medeas shoulder and slowly shook her.

    (Jessica-whispering) Get up sleepyhead, I need you for something important.

    (Narrator) Jessica kept trying to slowly wake the Princess. Then she got an idea. Jessica raised up the covers Medea was under and found that she was sleeping in a shear white night gown. Jessica could see Medeas dark nipples through the gown and without knowing what she was doing, Jessica reached out and cupped Medeas left breast and squeezed.

    (Medea-whispering) “Finally Jessica, you have know idea how long I’ve waited for this.”

    The End of part 1

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