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    Howdy guys new member here. I was curious as to what people on here think of the Infamous game series? I just finished up the third game and i think it is a solid game series. Anybody else’s thoughts???


    Jacob Wright

    I love the Infamous series from what I’ve played (1; 2; Festival Of Blood). SuckerPunch is very reliable. I love the powers because of its variations.



    It’s a solid series and I’d like sucker punch to do more with it. I was a bit disappointed by second son as they gave you 4 different powers but the all feel the same except for the movement powers.



    Love the series, InFAMOUS 2 especially is fantastic. Second Son on PS4 is solid, but I was expecting a bit more for a next gen entry, it just felt like I2 again with less interesting characters and story. The side game, First Light, was better in that regard.

    I hope Sucker Punch is making another entry and they’re really gonna go all out with creative powers… But I think they’re probably working on a new IP.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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