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In case you didn't know World of FF will feature FF7 Locations (Pics)

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    “Certain people” are brushing World of FF off as a cheap little dumb chibi spinoff for kids when in facts its a fanservice game for FF featuring a lot of locations and characters from previous games.

    Take a look






    Picture #1 you see Midgar FF7 World Map
    Picture #2 you see inside the Mako Reactor where you do the FF7 Bombing Mission
    Picture #3 is the same as above but another area
    Picture #4 is inside Midgar shop district
    Picture #5 is the Honeybee Inn outside

    As you can see this is just one area of World of FF and there are going to be lots more. Expect areas from FF1-FF13

    This is also very special because THIS IS THE FIRST TIME MIDGAR WILL BE IN HD! Yes Before the FF7 Remake hits you will be able to venture into Midgar and a Mako Reactor in HD never before could we do this.

    Just imagine going through the Mako Reactor area with your Sephiroth summon and having FF7 music playing in the background all in glorious HD quality.

    Oh and did I mention that the World of FF battle system is active turn based like FF9?

    This is going to be AWESOME so the 1 month of wait between this game to FFXV is going to fly by in no time.

    I hope I managed to convince anyone that was on the fence about this game to definitely try it out 😀


    Kaleb Schweiss

    Has anyone preordered this bad boy? I’m really eyeing the Collectors Edition, but I don’t necessarily have the funds…



    ^ I preordered the Day One Vita version



    Pre-ordered the ps 4 day one edition from Square Enix’s store ^^



    Now I am excited for this game.

    Really, all Square needed to do for the Remake was what they did here graphically and fixed the dialogue.. I would have been happy, but I guess that’s not the way Square does things.

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