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How to Calculate your HOG!

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    Joseph DeGolyer

    Thanks to all of my hard work (you’re welcome) there is now an easy-to-use form for calculating your Super Hog points:

    Hog Status

    What is Hog, you might ask? Hog is Nude Clan’s ultimate bragging rights. Your Hog points are the amount of games beaten during the year, and your super hog points (which can be calculated using the link above) shows off your total media consumption for the year. Currently we are working on Ultra Hog, but don’t worry about that yet.

    Be sure to submit your adjusted Hog and Super Hog points using the form or contacting me on twitter (@josephdegolyer) before the first Saturday of every month so that we can announce the listener rankings on the show! I think we may be giving out a prize for the hogs at the end of the year… Should you submit to twitter be sure to use the hashtags #maythelistgoon and #hogstatus and make sure to post BOTH numbers.

    If you want to calculate the Super Hog points out yourself (why god why?) here they are:

    Ownage hog (shit you own legally)
    1pts each: movie, game, album, book, comic

    Consumption for the year (only count if completed)
    3pts each: movie, graphic novel, omnibus
    4pts each: Season of a TV show, Audiobook
    5pts each: Video Game Campaign (currently DLC and Expansions don’t count)
    6pts per: 160 pages of books you’ve read

    If under 6% body fat: -100pts
    If between 6% and 17% body fat: +100pts
    If between 17% and 25% body fat: -100pts
    If over 25% body fat: -200pts

    1pts per 30 mins of exercise you’ve completed through the year.

    Good luck ladies and gents, and may the list go on!



    Yes love the new PHAT points. Just gained 100 points and I did nothing to earn it šŸ™‚



    @JosephDeGolyer what happened to 1 point for every album listened too? that 58 of my points lost!!!


    Joseph DeGolyer

    I forgot to write it, but it is on the site, I swear!



    That Phat ruined my points..
    I need to sit down and actually pull all my points together, I’m a media hog..

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    How do you edit hog status i put 465 hours instead of minutes for exercise….



    You guys were right, the new hog calculator is brilliant!


    Round of applause for the hosts!


    Joseph DeGolyer

    I’ll forward the submitted stuff back to the email you gave, at the end of the month you can take those numbers and resubmit



    @jmdegolyer ok cool, i have way too many video games and spend more time working out now than playing them



    Great, but how many points is it if you write a book? And are we still doing this next year?



    Hey guys, sorry if this has a;; been asked and I overlooked it. I want to get in on this Hog. Questions tho… For a game like Age of Empire, does it count as beating it when you do so with one country or is it with all countries. On a like note, a fighting game. Is it beaten when you beat it with one character or every character. Does difficulty level factor in at all for Hog status (IE beating a notably hard game on highest difficulty with proof)?

    Hopefully tomorrow will be my first game beat for 2017- FFXV



    Also, are we ever planning to add podcasts to consumption? Like a point per hour or something? Or is that just too much?


    Jacob Wright

    I would count each episode of a podcast as an “Full Album” listen šŸ™‚



    LOL Yeah, that’d be great with some of those really short podcasts! I have several that only have 15 minute episodes. Then there are the Hardcore history episodes that are 3-5 hours long a piece. It’s damn near an audiobook. I think a point per hour might be too generous considering an audio book is only 4 points and the shortest audio books I listen to are 8 hours long. Most are 12-16 hours. Yay Fantasy and Sci-Fi. So really, podcasts should probably be one point per 5 hours now that I really think about it. But again, podcasts might be a bit too much.



    Hello all, I am new to the HOG and how it works, can some one enlighten me, I may have quit a few to add if it is for the whole year..

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