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How the hell do you maintain this?!

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    So I decided that this year I would put in a serious effort to compete for the hog. And after 22 days in, I am exhausted. I’ve beaten 8 games so far, putting me in third and I am currently in 1st for the super hog. But i know i cannot maintain this pace. I look at the games the other two are beating and its baffles me. What do you guys do for a living? Do you have social lives? its only been 4 weeks and my fiance is already yelling at me for not doing more stuff with her. So ya, i guess knowing that the other two are laid up on disability or are super rich and have nothing else to do with their time would make me feel better.

    Also, i love the show. I’ve been listening since the first episode. Ya’ll should respond back on twitter once in awhile.



    Hey man being in the top tier right now as Well (not sure where right now) but it is exhausting lol. A lot of my games so far have actually been games I was super close to beating last year but just kinda put off for no reason. That helped huge! That and also playing shorter games like spelunky or right now I’m on a psvr kick which all games for that are like 3 hours long. My wife (who is a stay at home wife with our 2 year old) enjoys watching video games but doesn’t like playing them so that helps a ton too. In short it’s hard but pick and choose your games. Do you want to enjoy the story or just wanna bang some out quick? Right now I have about 3-4 hours a night after our son goes to sleep I put 2 hours into a good game and then 1 either into 2 short games or 1 hour into 1 and just chill out and watch some tv with the wife before we go to bed. But if you ever just wanna hash some stuff out or wanna like plan your games ahead or anything hit me up I will help however I can. I spend some of my breaks at work browsing good games vs length.



    Thats what I have been struggling with. It was just demoralizing to beat the games i have so far and still be behind lol and ya i would love to hit you up and talk to someone while i grind out some of the crappy short games in the back log



    Hey man I just made a discord server for this I’ll share it around the site and see if the guys will share it also so hopefully we can all always have people to talk to when adding to the hog!




    You guys can feel free to hit us up for a party chat while on psn.


    Jacob Wright

    @Beaverla. I happen to be a stay-at-home parent. However that means that everyday from aprx 7am to 9pm, i’m taking care of my nephew. I don’t game while raising him. After bedtime though, i do game. Most days I do get less sleep in order to compete at the hog



    I will definitly get onto the discord server. that was a super smart idea. and Jacob thank god you are a responsible parent and don’t game while watching. otherwise we would all be fucked lol

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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