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    I am going to start playing through FF14 and wanted to ask a few questions to the hosts and other players on the forums.

    What server does the show play on?
    Which class do you play?

    I have a black mage on another server that I could transfer over but I think Caleb plays black mage? I figure it wouldnt work to run two black mages together so this would give me enough time to get a dragoon or something up to level cap in preparation for Heavensward!

    As you hinted on in one of your recent shows FF14 is largely soloable but it would be fun to run some dungeons with the hosts and players on this forum.



    The hosts, and many others on the forum (myself included) play on the Brynhildr server. Originally playing through the main game I played as a Paladin, then Warrior from the end of 2.0 content to start of 3.0. Now only play as a Dark Knight really and Astrologian sometimes.

    Man, the more Black Mages the better. Best just bomb everything and get on with your life. But really play as whatever you want at the end of the day so you have the most fun with it. There’s probably plenty enough time until the hosts and others start playing regularly again where you can comfortably level a few classes.

    And if you end up jumping on Brynhildr, let me know and we can friend each other, etc. My subs not active at the moment actually, decided to play some other games and didn’t want to waste it, but after not long I probably wouldn’t care about spending the $12 to get back on.



    Trying to get my character transfers to Bryn holder. I play a ninja monk. Hopefully I can find it and join everyone!



    In an upcoming patch it is going to open up a lot more cross server party options besides just raid finder. If you are already playing and not on the same server as the hosts, there is going to be more ways to play with them soon. I think they were referring to it as a party finder that was cross server. I do not think we will be able to play in the over world with each other but we should be able to party up for dungeons and other instances cross server soon.



    Does anybody know how long the servers will stay up? I want to play ASAP (probably after i finish XV) but i dont wanna procrastinate too long.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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