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Good buy Ivalice – The Universe of the Final Vagrant Reverence Tactic's………

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    Its a working title.

    Hey Joe/KS,

    Now that you guys have powered through the sewers of Le’Monde and reached the end of the Ivalice Universe how about a wrap up episode on the world?

    1. What was you favorite/Worst game?
    2. Fave/Worst Character/Bad guy?
    3. F/W setting?
    4. Would you want to revisit the universe in future games?
    5. Did you know a lot of people connect the ‘Tactics Ogre’ series to Ivalice? Its not connected, and i’m not suggesting you play them, but there are a lot of interesting lore connections.
    6. Have you heard of the cancelled game Fortress?

    That’s my questions and IF….IF you decide to do a send off episode I’m going to reply to this post with some topic notes 🙂



    Topic 1: Timeline

    you guys placed the games XII, XII RW, tactics, TA, TA2, Vagrant Story but chronologically the games are:

    XII: Revenant Wings
    Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift (main game)
    Vagrant Story
    Tactics Advance
    Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift (prologue & epilogue)

    Only a little different from your play though but did you notice A2 twice!!!

    this is the explanation from the FF Wikia:

    In Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, Luso is transported to an Ivalice in the timeline after Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings (when Vaan and Penelo fully become sky pirates, and hinted by the discussion they have with Hurdy) and before Final Fantasy Tactics (or during if his War of the Lions appearance is considered canon, which is possible, since Mewt gave the Grimoire he used in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance to Luso at the end of Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift). This would also explain why Luso was looking for his friends in Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions. If his War of the Lions appearance is canon, it would take place after the events of Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift.

    I know Craig mentions this all the time but what do yo think happens to all the other ‘Non Human’ races between XII and Tactics?



    Topic 2: Geography

    So the world is a big one with most of the games happening in different locations but how do these places link up? if only geeks work this stuff out an place it somewhere anyone could access the information… oh right the inter-web 🙂

    Galtean Peninsula – FFXII/RW – A big one with three continents, Ordalia, Valendia and Kerwon containing the three nations: Rozarria, Archadia and Dalmasca

    Purvama Lemurés – RW’s Floating Islands

    Kingdom of Ivalice – Tactics Land

    Lea Monde – Vagrant Story – Kingdom of Valendia

    Jylland – TA2 – the western half of the Ordalia Continent

    ST Ivalice – TA – Questionable as its a dream land and is considered a mix if Tactics and XII

    This is all very confusing on its own but the games leave may clues as to the locations of these places:

    Tactic’s Kingdom of Ivalice is far to the West of FFXII on the Loar continent, a long way a ways from the Tomb of Raithwall. Then on the same continent but probably to the east of the Kingdom of Ivalice is TA2’s Jylland. Jylland is on the Loar continent in the west and the western half of the Ordallia continent in the east.
    Lea Monde is located in the North of XII’s map in the Kingdom of Valendia.

    It difficult to draw a map as they never really match up to the in-game maps despite the Ordallia continent being the linchpin of the all the games locations. Its also a pain that there is ‘A great cataclysm’ somewhere between XII and tactics. Here is a fan made map that includes locations never visited but sometimes mentioned, and they include lands of ‘tactics ogre’. Its mind boggling big!


    This is probably a much better explanation than mine but I had to give it a go 🙂

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