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Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah mercy kill?

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    Chris Taylor

    From what I remember, Godzilla has taken out about 3 buildings to kill one person (2000, Biollante, and Vs. Ghidorah). In Vs. King Ghidorah, however, Shindo is supposedly trying to connect with Godzilla, and he subsequently gets fried. I remember a theory from a bit ago that they actually did have a connection and Shindo wanted to die (because it was his sub that created the “new and improved” Godzilla maybe?). We’ve established that psychic connections with Godzilla are possible in this series, so there could be some credence to this theory. I think it’s a very ambiguous scene because there’s room to assume this theory and also room to assume Drew’s position of wanting Godzilla to be destroyed out of our connection to Shindo as an audience. I like either scenario, but no matter what it’s when of the more poignant scenes in the franchise in my opinion.



    Drew Daybell

    I agree, super poignant scene for the series. If your comment here is not entirely discussed on the podcast (probably will be, ESPECIALLY because we’ve got time to kill during Godzilla Island) then it will almost certainly be mentioned a minimum several times. Reach out to me on twitter if you can so I’ll be more likely to remember this when it comes to the Godzilla 2000 commentary. Thanks dude 🙂



    I’m not sure I buy that Shindo wanted to die, exactly. I read Shindo’s refusal to evacuate as his stubborn insistence that he and Godzilla do in fact share some connection. Perhaps he believed that he might even be able to somehow dissuade Godzilla from his rampage, or maybe just that Godzilla wouldn’t kill him at least. His death seems meant to confirm that there was in fact no connection, that the Godzillasaurus was actually protecting its territory rather than defending the Japanese soldiers, as the film previously suggested. Of course, Shindo does seem troubled, and perhaps just couldn’t deal with unfolding events. So I could see him maybe feeling he deserved to die, but I personally don’t think of it that way.

    The scene is definitely ambiguous and, I agree, one of the most emotional moments in the series. Why does Godzilla seem to pause? Is there a hint of recognition? Or maybe Godzilla simply wasn’t used to humans staring calmly at him like that (instead of quaking in fear).I like how Godzilla seems to simultaneously be a hero and a villain in this film. He’s more interesting when we can’t quite figure out his motivations and whether he poses more of a danger or benefit to humanity.



    Totally agree with your point that Godzilla is made more interesting in the film because he’s both a hero in some parts and a “villain” (is at least just very destructive) in others. Genuine question: does that in fact make him an antihero? I do not know.

    Shindo and Godzilla staring at each other continues to captivate, and it’s great :). Imho if any scene in any film can spark this much discussion through it’a somehow captivating emotional and intentional ambiguity, heck it’s gotta be good.

    Too bad Godzilla v King Ghidorah is stuffed with so much great camp and simultaneously just as equally good but also confusing time travel nonsense that I keep forgetting this stare down scene is even in the film. Darn.

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