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    Generic sci fi movie, it’s shit.

    I was going to go in more detail, like ‘it looks pretty nice’ or ‘Scarlet’s performance was so so’ but really. All you need to know is, they took a movie which raises questions such as ‘if AI became sentient what would the significance of being human be’ and the effect of cyberization on individuality when everyone’s consciousness is connected to a massive network and turned into a pretty generic sci-fi action movie that name drops similar themes but doesn’t really explore them very well.

    For one, they added a fucking Baddy McBad Guy whose sole motivation is using the Major as a weapon, AKA inhuman because she’s a cyborg, this is a poor substitute for the Major in the anime not even being sure if she’s an advanced AI as opposed to a human being.Regardless, this guy is so shoehorned in he’s even the fucking pilot of the Tank from the iconic tank battle the film reproduces at the end.

    The Puppet Master from the anime, AKA the sentient program that claims to be as living as any human is replaced by a completely forgettable antagonist who was, like the Major, a homeless runaway amongst countless others who were kidknapped by the Governement and forced to undergo the experimental world first full body conversion and mindwiped. He was a failed conversion and now he wants motherfucking revenge, y’all!

    So instead of the Major fusing with the Puppet Master at the end of the film, he fucks off into the network (sequel hook?) as a nice tidy way to get rid of him and the good guys beat the bad guys at the end, and Major gets her motherfucking on Baddy McBad Guy by letting her boss blat blat his ass into the ground, fuck yeah!



    Well fuck. I guessed that’s exactly how the movie would go after seeing that first trailer when she said “they tried to turn me into a weapon.”



    We were not the intended market. I heard they made to movie targeting China. Much like the World of Warcraft movie and The Great Wall. All three movies did great in China. Get use to these type of shitty movies as America becomes a secondary market and more studios make movies targeting the Chinese.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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