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    Along the lines of the hitting a wall question have any of you had a game ruin other games for you? Right now having just finished God War (2018) I’m realizing just how well crafted it was and it is making other games hard to get through.



    Dead horse but I am pretty sure Witcher 3 saved me from being a FFXV fan, given the absolute shite people came out with for FFXV (AKA totes’ best game/2nd best game in the series somehow despite not even being finished after a million years dev’) time around its launch I feel like I dodged a massive bullet there, because I managed to avoid coming out with the same crap.

    Would I have liked FFXV more if I didn’t play W3? though, it’s weird because it’s sometimes hard to tell if you’re getting more jaded and/or cynical about games sometimes but then you play any good game in general and you realise that maybe you just needed to play better games.



    I can think of a few examples:

    – Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir, the PS4 remake, completely invalidates the existence of the original PS2 game. They streamlined the game to make it more accessible without sacrificing the complexity of some of the original’s gameplay mechanics, the combat is way smoother, and there’s no insane slowdown like in the original game. Though, for die-hards, the original mode is still included on the disc.

    – The Saints Row series ruined GTA for me simply because Saints Row was focused on being a fun open-world sandbox game, as opposed to GTA, which is seemingly more focused on being an impressive simulation of a real-world city. This applies more to Saints Row 2 and 3, where 4 and Gat Out of Hell resemble Crackdown more than anything.

    – Hyrule Warriors ruined musou (“Warriors” series) games for me because it was the only one I played and I realized I don’t like that series at all. Even all the Zelda fan-service couldn’t distract me from how bland the gameplay in musou games are. Just a personal preference, I know that series has its huge fans.

    – This one’s going to sound really mean, but most fast character-action games (Bayonetta, Nier Automata, Wonderful 101, No More Heroes, etc) basically ruined “hunting” games for me. I tried Monster Hunter Tri a few times, for a few hours each, and just found it slow and not that fun. Granted, I didn’t play online, but the general gameplay loop couldn’t keep me invested. Another “hunting” game I tried, Soul Sacrifice Delta, I also found to be too slow and simple in its combat. Because of this, I still haven’t tried Monster Hunter World, even though I hear they ironed out a lot of the kinks in that one.

    – Persona 4 and 5 make going back to the first 3 games really difficult. The Persona games definitely get more streamlined and easier the higher the number is. I’d imagine this also applies to playing Persona then trying to transition to the main Shin Megami Tensei series, but I’ve never really played any of those, so I can’t say for sure. (Unless Devil Survivor counts, but I never finished that.)

    – Doom 2016 shits on the existence of both Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, as well as The New Order. I loved The New Order when it came out, but playing it after playing Doom’s refined shooting really reveals the flaws it has: they want you to be stealthy but as soon as you’re spotted, every enemy in the room mows you down with hitscan shots, whereas Doom’s enemies don’t have hitscan guns, and the Glory Kill system encourages you to stay in the fight. The New Colossus has the same “try to be stealthy” combat, but it’s layered under ham-handed political pandering, so it’s even worse.

    – Almost every single second-party PlayStation series that gets a sequel. In all of these series, the 2nd game is usually where the series hits its stride and makes the first game look bad by comparison. Crash Bandicoot 2 fixes the difficulty of the first game by adding a hub world and you can save anytime. Jak 2 gave you cool weapons in an open world with a darker story. Sly 2: Band of Thieves gave you a bunch of mini open worlds and added new playable characters. Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando refined the platforming and shooting of the original and allowed weapons to evolve. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves tightened up the shooting and exploration of the original and wrapped it all in a gripping story. inFamous 2 makes the exploration feel smooth as butter compared to the clunkiness of the original game, and they fixed the janky facial animation that looked like it was using Sly Cooper-era face rigs.



    Curious, what’s the “ham handed political pandering” of Wolfenstein 2? Nazis are bad? If anything the game was shockingly low in “political pandering,” considering the climate it came out in. The only thing I can think of that could possibly have upset anyone was the “Make America Nazi Free” again, which was only in marketing material outside of the game.



    I should have specified that it was only my personal opinion that the game was ham-handed, yeah. I know that that game has its fans. I won’t get into it since Joe and Schweiss have said to keep politics off the forums, but I just found The New Colossus to be really cringey in a way that The New Order wasn’t, and that on top of not playing as well as Doom 2016 really soured the game for me.



    Yeah we don’t need to get into a politically charged argument or anything, I’m just genuinely curious what you considered political pandering. I don’t remember the game taking any sort of political positions other than anti-nazi, which is what the series has always been about.



    Hey, anti-Nazi is always a good thing, but in my opinion The New Colossus felt like it was more focused on preaching feminist and anti-white sentiments. BJ’s father seemed less like a character and more like a checklist of every horrible thing a bigot would say, think, and do (and I don’t even think he was in the first game, so it came out of left field.) They gave Frau Engel a large-bodied daughter just so they had a character the villain could fat-shame, and Sigrun (said daughter) later tells a male character that she would “be using [his] body mentally later for [her] own personal pleasure”, which, if the sexes in that situation were reversed, that would have been a huge controversy. There’s a scene where two white characters refer to the Nazis as “white-ass” (which, I dunno, seemed redundant), and in that same scene, a cartoon stereotype of a strong, independent black woman waxes philosophical about how balls aren’t masculine.

    It was about halfway through the game, right after a certain character’s death, that the game drops a lot of the preaching and takes a hard left into the cool sci-fi stuff that I come to this series for, and I enjoyed the 2nd half of the game a lot more. (Though, they dropped the ball at the end since the game just sort of… ends, and the screamo cover of “We’re Not Gonna Take It” that plays over the credits is just horrendous. And normally I like that kind of music.)

    I’m sure like you mentioned before, the socio-political climate the game came out in has colored my perception of the game, but I didn’t feel this way about The New Order, and I played that in 2016, well after that climate had been established. To me, The New Order was just focused on being a fun alternate-history adventure featuring a rag-tag group of rebels, whereas The New Colossus felt like I was reading an angry, highly-political Facebook rant.

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