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Game of the year!

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    What’s your game of the year?



    Breath of the Wild, because Nintendo roxxorz.:^)



    Zelda BOTW is my GOTY Super Mario Odyssey is a close second.



    Resident Evil 7. Hands down the best game I’ve played all year


    Simon Parker

    I have to go with Assassins Creed Origins!



    South Park: Fractured but Whole
    Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

    I went through the Wikipedia page for 2017 games and those were the only two I have played. I think they probably deserve to be on the list anyways.

    I am not finished with the South Park game and was hating on it at first but the more I play it; the more I like it. I had to step back and quit comparing it to the 1st one.



    Wolfenstein 2 or Breath of the Wild for Sure! Wolf has such an amazing story I can’t stress enough how good the story was.



    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Honorable Mentions to Persona 5 and NieR Automata



    Super Mario Odyssey
    Nier Automata
    Persona 5

    In that order Top 3.


    Skoll Hati

    Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Horizon Zero Dawn, For Honor



    Fractured but Whole kind of dragged, nowhere near as good as Stick of Truth.



    I have to say, I’ve since been playing a copy of Mario’s Odyssey I borrowed from my brother, it’s not better than BOTW so far but it’s damn close, BOTW was good because you had a huge world and you wanted to see how far you could push the boudaries (Can I go there? Can I do this?) Odyssey is just great because it’s a bunch of smaller worlds with apparently no imagination boundary whatsoever.

    Solutions to getting the Moons isn’t as freeform as most solutions to problems in BOTW but it’s a different kind of brainstorm, world to world you’ll be turning into a Bullet and firing yourself over an Aztec Pyramid to reach one Moon in one world, you’ll take control of a T-Rex and go on a rampage to find a hidden Moon on another level.

    And whereas BOTW still has to maintain a consistency to the world (saying that they DID just add a fucking dirtbike to the game…), it’d make no sense to go up a snowy Mountain in BOTW and see a bunch of Sombrero wearing Skeletons celebrating the Day of the Dead but in Mario Odyssey there’s no reason NOT to have that, there’s no reason NOT to have anything and everything in Mario because Mario is established as ANYTHING goes.

    And there’s not many characters that are just flatout a joy to control as Mario is. So not changing my vote, but it’s a close one so far.



    “Life is Strange: Before the Storm”

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