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    What kind of stories, settings or worlds would you guys like to see in Final Fantasy games going forward?

    I would personally like to see some more Magitek designs, things that aren’t necessarily in the same vein as our own technological development. Cars are cool and all but I would like to see something new. There are so many other ways tech can develop and I would think magitek would have a very different tech tree. VI was really interesting and I would like to see more inventiveness like this in my FF worlds. I’d love to see what magic would do to steam punk or cyber punk or space travel.



    I want to see a more “Fantasy” FF game without much technology in FF16 just to mix it up a little since it feels like since X we have been getting futuristic FF games.



    I was thinking something similar then I remembered FF11 and 14 which both go pretty fantasy heavy. But for stand alone games, you are correct, they do kinda go more modern/futuristic, but I would say that started with 7 with 9 and 10 dipping into the fantasy more but not to the level of the Nintendo era. The tome of the games really shifted after the Playstation games.



    I’m pretty happy with the modern type feel they’re going for in games like 15 and what not, but I wouldn’t mind a change of pace for FF16. I feel like the modern aesthetic they’re going for in 15 may have a wider audience appeal, so wouldn’t be surprised with more of that if there’s a positive reception.



    I wouldnt mind more old school fantasy like dragons and wizards. Maybe even a return to Ivalice with a new tactitcs!



    I think more anime/chibi style games…

    f*%k that. I want it to be a lot more cold hearted, be a lot darker in story and feel to the game. FFVII was really good with that and in VI when Kefka is killing all the summons, that still haunts me. I don’t think the the games are as hard hitting anymore. Even with Sazed supposed suicide scene I thought ‘he didn’t do it’ and I was right. They pussyed out of killing him off but they need to be more ruthless, like in FFII and III where everyone who helps you dies and in FFII they go even go to hell when they die!


    Joseph DeGolyer

    I like all of the ideas here, hopefully Square is listening. I just wish the series would grow up a bit. The first game came out in 1987! Why do they still have annoying cutesy kid characters in them?!



    @metunnica sounds like the Shin Megami Tensei series is for you. Go play SMT Nocturne, SMT IV or Persona 3 and Persona 4.



    An old school fantasy ff story would be pretty cool. Have the classic class types like warrior, rogue, and mage. Maybe the enemies would be the summons with bahamut as the final boss.



    I’d even like to see them return to the crystal based storylines. Something that truly ties the series back to its roots like FF16 is supposed to do upon release.

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