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Four Job Fiesta #FFV

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    It’s finally time for the fiesta people!!!

    It’s FF5 speed runs with fixed job classes and best of all it’s for charity, why would you not get involved?

    I’ve Pre-registered on twitter for the event with the following stipulations:
    @ff5forfutures #reg #fifthjob #BERSERKERRISK

    So fithjob means galuf and his granddaughter have different jobs and beserkerrisk means there is a chance I’ll have an entire team of berserkers. (I don’t know how I’ll handle it if I get the risk!)

    For more information go to http://fourjobfiesta.com/help.php and to http://fourjobfiesta.com to register for a run.

    Post your reg selections here and when the run starts in 2 weeks post what classes Gilabot assigns you too or let me know on twitter @metunnica

    I want to know everyone’s experience of the run and most importantly… did you kill @shinryu ?

    Peace out form the Ultimate Freemium Final Fantasy Podcaster #DeathToNeoExDeth #ButzForTheWin



    Posted it on the news section hopefully the guys give the charity a shoutout



    @shinryu have you registered for a run this year? And if so what options did you choose?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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