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    Joe- 6,10,7,9,5,12,15,13,8,4,14,11,2,3,1


    Sorry if I chose the same as someone else but after hearing them for 2 years and what they’ve said the last few weeks on 15 I’m pretty sure it’s somewhere in the middle.. If it’s a tie I want another contest for fun


    The Gaming Asian Cajun: The One Nation

    Kaleb: 7,6,10,12,15,9,5,4,14,13,8,11,2,3,1

    Joseph: 6,10,7,9,5,12,15,13,8,4,14,11,2,3,1

    Here’s mine if ya give a rat’s rear end.

    Nation: 6,12,1,10,14,7,4,15,5,13,8,9,3,2,11



    Kaleb: 7,6,10,12,9,5,4,14,13,8,11,2,3,1

    I think Schweiss will put 15 ahead of 12. I would be stunned if he put it ahead of 10.

    Joseph: 6,10,7,9,5,12,13,8,4,14, 11,2,3,1

    Jo is a little harder to guess…I think he’ll put it behind 9. I might be totally off base, but that’s my guess. I almost want to say they will both put it in third place but I don’t know, I feel like Joe likes 9 a lot.



    Gods, I wish I could edit my posts. I meant to say fourth place in my last sentence, not third. But that isn’t my guess anyway, I just hate when I mis-type like that. Gah.



    Kaleb SCHWEISS 7,6,10,12,9,15,5,4,14,13,8,11,2,3,1

    Joesph DEGOLYER
    Joseph: 6,10,7,9,5,12,13,15,8,4,14,11,2,3,1

    Sorry if it seems late for some reason my post from Monday got screwed up..



    Ok so my post DID post.. Annnd I did change my order.. I think I want to stick with the riskier 2ND picks because I have a feeling Joe has it a little lower than Kaleb because I see Kaleb just grinding away everything



    Kaleb: 7,6,10,12,15,9,5,4,14,13,8,11,2,3,1

    Joseph: 6, 15, 10,7,9,5,12,13,8,4,14, 11,2,3,1

    I am going bold here, Joe sounded like he loved it in part one of the review.



    Wow. I was way off with Kaleb but I nailed Joe. Huh. Thought it would be the other way around.



    I haven’t listened to the review because I haven’t beaten the game yet. What was their order?



    Joseph: 6,10,7,9,15,5,12,13,8,4,14, 11,2,3,1

    Kaleb: 7,6,10,12,9,5,4,15,14,13,8,11,2,3,1

    I believe that’s correct, if I screwed it up then someone will correct me. ^_^



    Dang. So close. I had both 1 slot too high.

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)

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