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Final Fantasy XV celebration?

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    Joseph DeGolyer

    Now I know it’s been delayed, but how are you planning on celebrating the release of ff15 on November 29th?



    Going to get the game early like on Friday/Saturday probably since I know a game shop owner and he breaks street date for me… shh don’t tell anyone. So I will be playing it a few days before the Tuesday release. Going to play the whole weekend. Maybe pick up the official strategy guide for fun and probably not use it unless for maybe rare weapons or stuff I could miss. Wear my Sony Gold Headset with 7.1 Surround Sound and just enjoy the game. Probably will beat it in 2 weeks. Then take a month or two so I can 100% the game and Platinum it as long as its not too crazy.
    Then just wait for the DLC to come out

    I can’t wait its going to be awesome!

    Btw are you guys going to the launch event in your area and maybe interview some fans like you tried with Type 0?



    Marathon the game for a day or 5 most likely. Much like with Fallout 4, I plan to get as much housework done as possible before hand, buy paper plates and plastic cups so I have fewer dishes to do. Kiss my husband and pets good buy and live in my basement for a week.



    Square just released the “Master” version gameplay of the initial release. I am so grossly excited. Two major things that FF has lacked since the PSONE days is open world map and having a choice in dialogue. Finally, FFXV does it. The wait will be worth it.

    The way I’m celebrating is locking myself away for a week and playing the shit out of this.



    I’m excited for the game but I’m keeping myself in check. The game could still be a huge disappointment. Hopefully I’m wrong.



    I’m going to take a full week off from work. Go to the midnight release at GameStop and play that version till my ultimate collector’s edition’s come in. Ill buy so many energt drinks and try to do a full 48 hour stream. Heres to hoping the night cycles aren’t broken still. Waiting for this is killing me. Btw ill watch your guys stream simultaneously



    Will UFF do a 15 hour stream?



    I think schweiss is doing a 24 hour one



    I wasn’t planning on it, but taking some time off work actually sounds like a good idea. But even if I decide to pass up on the time off, I’m still super excited about the FFXV release. I’ve got my pre-order all set up, and I’m definitely going to play it as soon as I can.


    Will Flores

    Hmm, think you have the right idea with a full week off from work.



    Ill have 7 full days to play the game so i hope i get some major grinding done.



    I will definitely be taking a few days off of work if I can. Probably not the day of the release but maybe get the Thurs and Friday off. Depends if my job is still working 10 hour days or will go back to 8 hour days. I do know that what i want to do is view every main trailer that has been release before playing it. I want to observe the changes and see if there’s anything from the early footage that they kept and compare the then to the now.

    Of course I’m probably never gonna want to put the game down so I’ll probably have a bunch of junk food ready at the side so I don’t need to waste time cooking those healthy meals that take 20 min of prep.

    But nah in summary. Watch trailers to compare, get gf over and marathon as much as I can.



    Probably going to buy the game, pour a few apple crown and cranberry juice glasses, then game for the next 24 hours and regret that terribly for the next week since I have realized my old gaming habits are harder to achieve the older I get.
    Then do it again on the next day off and repeat the cycle until I beat the game. Hopefully.

    Not going to lie though, when I saw the trailer with the cover of “Stand By Me” and the scenes of traveling with what looks to be the main party of the game I got super hyped.
    Im a sucker with anything media wise with bromances.



    I have Wednesday and Thursdays off from work so I probably won’t need to take the time off work, but I am planning on playing it with my good friends Anheuser and Busch. I love those guys.

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