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Final Fantasy XI worth $10?

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    Hey guys, just wondering if I should go for the $10 complete edition of XI that Steam has on sale. I played for a while when the game came out 15 years ago or whatever, thought I wouldn’t go back to the online games, but the guys have me sucked in. I recently started XIV and am hoping maybe to catch up with some of you on there, wondering if it’s worth getting XI at this price and going back to it at some point?


    Rob Lennon

    I am also curious. However, everyone says that after playing XIV, that XI can be a real slog.

    Is that true? Even if only spending $10. Has there been any updates on the mobile version of XI?



    sadly GRANDMASTERS is not out yet. as for FFXI i beleive owning the entire game for 10 is a worthwhile investment. but going back in there is not gonna happen for me. i journey through the large terrain and rough environments with KALEB and JOE and loved every minute of it. alas we completed it and sadly i will not return unless they make new content. if you need a piece of FFXI in your life you can join me,schweiss and degolyers run on YouTube. when GRANDMASTERS comes out on mobile expect a thorough review from me.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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