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Final Fantasy VII PS4

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    Thinking about downloading the ps4 version for FF7 on psn. Dunno though, is really that great?

    I know it adds a Lil face-lift to the game and some trophies..

    Wish they would add the FFIX pc version to psn already.. That higher resolution..I want it

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    It’s okay. It’s basically the PC/Steam release. Some of the text is fixed, like obvious spelling errors. The polygons are smoothed out which now kinda looks weird because the pre rendered backgrounds are still low res but it still looks okay for a 20 year old game. My only compliant is that it has a music bug. Every time you go into battle the music starts over. I think its because of the added battle stuff (2x speed, Constant limit, hp,and mp bar refill, and no encounter). Also “Searching for the Man In The Black Cape” plays when you first trigger the Yuffie recruiting scene instead of her theme and some of the FMV music was off. Other than that it’s good, I still enjoyed it.



    The music bugs sound odd. I was hoping they updated the res for the background like they did for IX’s pc port. Oh well, maybe later.

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    I will say it is the best way to play it now, if you are talking visually. The backgrounds only look bad because we are all playing on gigantic monitors and TVs. I thought the VII on PS4 was solid. It was NOT as good as IX though.



    Yeah, the IX’S port was actually the original game the studio created before scaling it down to work for the ps1. So the higher resolution and sound was already there.



    Ps4 version of FF7 is the best version to play right now

    Oh and I hope FF9 comes to PS4 soon too Branny!



    The PS4 version has killed all desire that I once had for the remake. At least this version isn’t getting released to us in parts. You get the whole game, one download. And the graphics are better than the PS version.

    But I think my favorite parts of the cheats, especially speed mode. God mode helped me kill the Weapons super easily.



    I have to disagree.
    To get the chance to replay ff7 in full HD is like a dream come true.
    I tried to replay 7 but the backgrounds are just too unrealistic.



    I don’t find it too bad..
    Course I would never dare to play anything after ps2 on a hdtv. I have a old SDTV with a 420 res that looks really crisp and looks great for my old systems.

    It’s kinda sad cause I always thought those backgrounds were really good.



    I bought it awhile ago but haven’t played it yet. I really got it to have the game in my library and to get the theme. Lame I know, but I really wanted that damn theme. I still have my original copy and I played it a few years ago. I am waiting for the remake in the hopes they don’t screw it up.



    Hopefully they won’t, it’s a pretty huge project. It may not sink the company but they’ll forever lose the faith of the diehards. At least me anyway.

    I actually pulled out my old copy and put it in the ps1 for later play, lol

    My oldest niece might play it, she thought it looked cool. Lol

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