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Final fantasy ideas for games.

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    Steven White

    So I was asking myself what kind of final fantasy I would like to see. Kind of like abstract ideas for a new game. Anyways my idea for a decent take on the series, would be like an origin game of the summons. Like the party members would be the summons. Like limit breaks would be their like mega flare, diamond dust etc. I would give them job classes. My question is who would you pick as the party cast up to 7 characters, and what job classes would you give them. Also who would be the lead character. For example my lead character would be bahamut/dark knight. odin/samurai, alexander/ holy knight,pheonix/lead girl white mage, ramuh/ black mage, Shiva/archer, ifrit/ berserker. I’m curious to know your thoughts on the topic and if anybody else has any other abstract ideas for a final fantasy. Sorry for the long question but I had to get my full thought out there. Thanks mother uffers.



    Hmm, interesting concept.

    I would perhaps focus on a single summon? Perhaps just the path of say Odin. I’m not 100% sure if there is official Square lore behind Odin, but it would be nice if there wasn’t. They could turn it into a human’s journey into becoming a summon, or some such tale.


    Steven White

    Yea I was thinking something like a human to a summon kind of deal. I mean anything kind of expanding on the summons. I feel they are underutilized, and it would be cool to see any kind of story done with them. I just kind of like the idea of having the summons up in arms together. I mean Odin and Bahamut are my favorite, so if they did choose one I’d want them. I just would like some creativity with the FF world in general. Since most of the summons kind of fall off in the game, id like to see one where they played a more interactive or pivotal role.



    I would love a FF game where you play the bad guys or a kind of anti-hero. One great example of something like this is the first Legacy of Kain game Blood Omen.



    It would be really cool to have a bad guys story. A sephiroth story would be pretty neat. A few others in my mind would be Jenova, Kuja, Garland, Yu Yevon, Ultimecia, or Ardyn. I haven’t played the earlier games or I’m sure I would agree with the Kain story. I know I need to play them.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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