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    I swear I hate the things people like and like the things people hate about XV, like magic and summons.

    I know they mentioned it in the latest UFF, but I agree with Joe that this game has the best executions of summons in the series,


    Raistlin Mustaine

    Oh I hated the magic, hardly ever used it. And my usual play style is as a spellcaster. They could have expended on it, seems they just gave up on it. And the summons look fucking deadly but I am almost gonna platinum the game and will have to go on YouTube to see them



    It’s very easy to see them, it has a few conditions but they basically boil to either taking too long in a fight or getting our ass kicked, neither of which are likely to happen ever because XV is probably the easiest game in the entire series


    Raistlin Mustaine

    Love or hate, just got my first Platinum trophy! 86 hours and 7 mins. Pretty pumped.



    I finished FF XV at around 50 hours. I enjoyed it overall but agree with the consensus that it is an overall mess. I think there were enough enjoyable plot points, characters, and gameplay elements to keep it from being a total shitshow. The thing I am most displeased with is the fact that I don’t want to finish or replay the game until the dlc and patches are complete. I want the new scenes to make sense of the overall story. I want to know what is up with Revus and the niflheim empire. But I’m more upset with what won’t be fleshed out.

    There likely won’t be a world of ruin patch. Cor’s disappearance from the last act will never make sense. Lunafreya will never be as deep of a character as she should have been. Regis will never be explored further.

    I find it strange that it both exceeded my expectations and let me down.

    I feel like I can’t fully experience the game. Like I bought into an alpha prerelease game that I love, but have to wait until it finally comes out to see how it all comes together. It’s still a mystery if this game will be worth all the hope, hype, and time.

    I hope FF XVI is a better experience and not as incomplete.



    I honestly think I care so little about this game I won’t even return for the story patches, unless it really does change everything, the more time away from this game and the more I think about it, it really was just a disappointing game and I feel if it wasn’t ‘Final Fantasy’ all the ridiculous dicksucking done about the game (Better than FF7? Better than FF9? Best in the series despite being the least finished, most padded game in the mainline series? Okay) wouldn’t exist.



    Extended Episode: Prompto trailer.

    I having a sneaking suspicion that the some of Magitek soldiers might have a familiar face under those masks.

    Also has anyone played the Chapter 13 Verse 2 yet? If you find/ listen to all the radio recordings the last one ends up being a cry for help and the person refers to a person named Calleux. Are we supposed to know who that is?



    I’ve seen the new Ravus and emperor scenes they’ve added in on Youtube, I give this game a lot of shit but I have to say that they’re certainly on the right track to making the story a lot better.

    Gladio Episode looked okay, not sure why they made the boss Gilgamesh though when he barely shares any of his defining characteristics, regardless, if that was in the game and the other 3 DLC upcoming were, I’d have been a little less disappointed by the meat of the story.

    All they need to do is buff the story enough that I don’t feel the game content ratio is heavily weighted in the sidequests/hunts and stuff and I will eat the words of my last post I think.

    Feels weird to be praising XV so much, lol.



    So Callux is Biggs Callux of Biggs and Wedge. Why didn’t they just say Biggs and Wedge? This must be a translation error.

    @alastor, I’m surprised that you think that. I thought the scene execution was super sloppy. Like Aldercapt’s face over Foras was just like “Just incase, if you missed it here is the Emperor’s face photoshopped on top of this daemon.” And about Gilgamesh, I’m guessing this is an isolated incarnation. Most likely his presence in this one is referencing the Mesopotamian Gilgamesh mythology. Also I’m guessing his lore for FFXV is that he is one of the 24 messengers of the Astrals, most likely Bahamut’s. Each Astral has four. Shiva’s is most likely Umbra, Pryna, and Gentiana. Carbuncle is probably Ramuh’s.



    I finished playing the Gladio/Iggy side of ch13. Glad it didn’t take nearly as long as ch13 in the main story and apparently I missed some more of the radios. I will have to play again and hunt them down later.

    @stolas The Aldercapt face must have been for the “first timers” mentioned at the beginning of the game. Let’s face it, if they are FPS players they probably didn’t catch it.

    Must remember to get on the PS store while at work tomorrow to make sure Episode Gladiolus is ready when I get home. I am glad it gives me a reason to fight with out warp striking, curse you AP grind!



    So my initial thoughts on the new dlc are that it was rather underwhelming.

    First off the tweaks to ch 13 were cool i guess. I get that changing this section was due to fan outcry but idk it seemmed kinda pointless given that we already knew ravus comes around and aldercapt was transformed. (Btw his face over the demon’s was cheezball af.) the intro to gladio’s combat was cool but overall it just added stuff that should have already been in game. As a result these additions are told in kinda weak ways too, surveillance monitors and radio alerts. Of course this was just a minor update so its whatever and to be honest i didnt really mind ch 13 the first time around, except for the prompto bit, because it was so obviously a ploy for dlc and it came out of nowhere.

    Now for the real dlc, episode gladio!!! I enjoyed the campaign overall but it was painfully short. I finished it in around an hour. After finishing the campaign some other modes appear. Theres one thats basically just a speed run of the campaign, with the goal being to score 500k and 1000k for trophies. (After 500k another outfit for gladio is unlocked too). The other mode is a fight with cor and i have no idea what it unlocks, if anything at all. What bums me out the most is the lack of items and stuff that carries over. You unlock a sick sword at the end too bad its weaker than the other greatswords i have, which makes no sense if you ask me. Its also annoying given that a trophy calls for you to pick up every item but the only items are potion, hi potion, and phoenix downs, in other words mind numbingly pointless, given youll only use like 5 potions throughout the campaign.

    The prompto teaser at the end looks cool, hopefully each dlc gives a little something different in terms of gameplay like ptompto’s may be shooter-esque?? Idk? Honestly though there needs to be more content in the next dlc because after finishing gladios campaign the only real reason to return it seems is for the trophies/the new outfit

    Also, not sure about the state of the world of ruin dlc but there should be some sort of open world dlc especially since that is how xv billed itself. Idk just some thoughts



    @stolas, yeah I know, but I can’t really give XV shit for making amends, if it makes you feel better Chapter 13 will still be meh that I will burn through Ethers every time.

    VAing for the Emperor of Nif was soooo bad, like, worst in the entire game bad…but I still like that we got those scenes.

    And yeah, the Gladio DLC would be an okay scenario if it was part of the game, but it remains to be seen if it and the other 3 dlc justify XV getting a season pass, not that I have a dog in this fight anymore.



    I enjoyed Episode Gladiolus even though it was a bit short. We got a little more of Cor’s story as well as Gladio actually mentions his father, something that was definitely missing from the main story. I hope that the other 2 episodes will have a little more meat if not for the simple fact that the season pass was $25 and Ep. Gladio was priced at $5. As much as I like Noct’s mariachi outfit from the Moogle-chocobo festival, not certain if it is worth an extra $10 if the other two episodes go for the same price point.



    I was really displeased with the Glady Episode. We really didn’t get a ton of insight other than Gladio challenged Gilgamesh and won (which we could have gathered just because he shows up back in the party) and that Cor held this weird shame because when he was a teenager (which if he’s 42 and he went through the trials 30 years ago it would have made him 12…) he challenged Gilgamesh and lost, yet unlike everyone else, survived. We learn nothing of Gilgamesh and why he was in that lair, other than to challenge warriors. Also love how Glady went to get “stronger” but it doesn’t in anyway show in the main story. The could have at least given him an unlock-able new technique that he learned, maelstrom or dual wield. Instead we got a shirtless version of him aka nothing.

    The gameplay is super broken. It’s like a really simple version of Dark Souls yet you can’t really dodge. The camera is super fucked up. Has anyone fought against Cor yet? Because that is the most bullshit fight I think I have ever played and I play Dark Souls. So to make him hard was to give him a non-existent hit box. Like when I executed Maelstrom and Dual Wield, despite each slash going through his geometry he was able to dodge every single hit. Total Bullshit. It took me 10 times.

    I hope to dear god that the Prompto and Ignis episodes actually have content.

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