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    There is all ready a section for non-spoiler talk, so I thought we should make a topic for all the spoiler talk.

    So, yes, there will be spoilers for the game’s story, bosses, and everything else. Do not continue reading this unless you’ve beaten the game or you don’t care about being spoiled.

    Personally, I find that while 15 has one of the shortest stories for a Final Fantasy game in recent years (I beat the main story in 28 hours…), I still found the story enjoyable. True, most of the story was in the last third of the game, once you get to Altissia and everything that happens after that.

    And this is one of the saddest Final Fantasy games I’ve ever played. Even more sad than Aeris’ death in 7 and Tidus’ death in 10. Because this game had both of those at the same time, with Lunafreya dying during the fight against Leviathan and Noctus dying at the end of the game. Seriously, there is only so much heartbreak I can take. And don’t even get me started on how my favorite character ended up blinded. Seriously, I could only stare at the screen in shock when they showed the scars around his eyes. He tries to play it off at first, pretending like he can see a little, but then he comes out and says that he can’t see at all, and he’s still blind ten years later (but very much still kicking ass!) Poor Ignis… Even the game tells you to have pity on him! I don’t care if you slowed me down in that one dungeon, I still love you Ignis!

    And final boss? I knew all along that Ardyn was a bad dude, but even I couldn’t guess just how friggin insane he is. So Ardyn was a previous chosen King, right, but he decided to turn to darkness instead of the light. At least, that’s how I understood it. So can we add him to the short list of Final Fantasy villains who succeed in totally destroying the world? Just like with Kefka after he tears the world a new one, the over world changes its name to “The World of Ruin” and your first mission is to reunite with your party members.

    Overall, a short but enjoyable game. Now I’m going back so I can do all the side missions that I mostly ignored. Here’s to many more hours exploring Final Fantasy 15’s world!



    Took me about 35 hours to beat and I was low level and didn’t complete many quests. Going to go back and do those. I think the NES, SNES and even PS1 FF games take about 35 hours or less so while this game isn’t as long as FF13 or FF12 its still long.

    I thought the game was really dark and sad too I got teary eyed like 5 times and cried at least 1 other time.

    Poor Ignis too I got so sad and then when he hobbled around the cave and needed our help.

    I think this marks the first time when two characters die. Now knowing what the artwork actually means is so sad. I mean FF5, FF7, FF8 (Squall maybe) FF9 Vivi FF10 Tidus and others are nothing compared to this one.

    I thought the ending was beautiful like that scene where Luna is talking to Gentiana and says something like “I don’t want to guide Noctis but I want to be there at his side” or something like that and then Noctis at the end sacrifices himself in order to save everyone then dies and meets with Luna in the afterlife and he is sitting at his throne as King and Luna is next to him like in her wish ;_;

    Then they show the picture on the throne…

    But yeah Ardyn is like a Kefka they drew inspiration from FF6 for sure. I mean He tricks the Emperor guy Ledolas and Ravus and then kills them both and then doesn’t seem to want to rule the world he just wants to destroy it but early in the game he is just some funny guy that you don’t take too seriously. Then you get to his World of Ruin and its destroyed and all ugly and scary and forever night like wow. Then I went into a tunnel and huge Demon Wall level like 80 enemy was in there and scared the crap outta me.

    Did you catch at the end when Ardyn is sitting on the throne and all those people are hanging from the ceiling? It was Nyx (Kingsglaive), Ledolas and Ravus and that one lady Noctis met in Altissia I believe although I’m not sure.

    The whole game I thought Ravus was going to be a main bad guy but it seems he had another reason for fighting and was not as evil as Ardyn.

    Summons were pretty cool.

    This game was scary like almost horror game level creepy. I think this is the scariest main series FF game like FFV Exdeath’s castle shows its true form or Sephiroth leaving a blood trail at Shinra Tower in FF7 were horror elements in previous FFs but this one just had a lot of them.

    The dungeons were scary, the enemies in this game are really nightmare fuel and Chapter 13 which I love but I read that fans are mixed on it. Feels like a Resident Evil / Parasite Eve game! Jump Scares, undead enemies and mutant enemies and stuff, you have hardly any weapons to fight back, closed corridors, all in the dark with poor lighting, abandoned rooms, getting keycards and stuff. It was great! As a fan of long dungeons and stuff I liked it but found it really freaky too.

    Also did you see that torture device they put Prompto in? WTF! this FF game is insane. He had cuts and bruises all over his body when you get him back.

    Final Boss fight was great and I liked that instead of going for a huge boss they went with a 1on1 fight this time like in that final scene with Cloud vs Sephiroth in FF7. The fight was really fast and Ardyn was quite strong. That entire final area was full of powerful enemies.

    I thought Altissia was beautiful and took time to explore it really nice place.
    The train sequences were interesting and reminded me of the train parts in FF7 and FF8.

    I really think Non FF Fans are going to like this game as their first FF experience and Veteran FF fans will probably like it too. I liked the game a lot but after Chapter 9 I started liking it a lot more.

    I find it odd that people complained about not understanding the story. I took 60 hours to beat FF13 and had to read all the ingame notes to understand the story but this game I beat it and I understood it all just fine and enjoyed it.

    I plan on going back to do the extra stuff. Really the only stuff I can complain about in the game are minor nitpicks overall game I thought was great.



    I didn’t even realize that the Emperor had turned into a demon until I was reading the TV Tropes page on the game. I mean… I realized that he was completely AWOL in the fortress, but I thought he had just died off screen or something. And then I found out that he was the demon that kept ambushing me? Gave me even more of a reason to not like that thing…

    I’m not ashamed to admit that a cried at the ending. Noctis and Luna dying was really sad, but I was glad to see them reunited in the afterlife. And the picture on the throne. I just about cried when I was picking out my picture for Noctis to take with him in the final battle.

    I agree with you on Chapter 13. It’s probably the best game to make me feel completely powerless. All your abilities and ultra-strong weapons? Say good bye to all of them, now you only have a magic ring with three costly spells to defend yourself in the final dungeon of the game! Have fun! Yes, you do pick up a sword and you eventually get your warp powers back, but the whole chapter was like someone put some survival horror in my FF, and I loved all of it. Except for the Emperor-demon who keeps ambushing you. He managed to jump-scare me every single time.

    I’m also going back and doing side quests. It’s just super fun to drive around in the Regelia, letting Ignis take the wheel while I spin the camera around in constant circles to see everything and switching through the music all the time.

    This game is so beautiful and I’m glad they have an actual character in the game taking pictures for you, though I do wish he would stop taking constant pictures of Noct as he gets on and off his chocobo. He has some sort of fetish for that, I swear… If this game were Fallout it would be like: “Noctis gets on his Chocobo.” “Prompto likes that.”

    What is the hardest boss for you? Ravus really gave me a run for my money. I think I used 20 Elixirs just to stay alive… And then there was this side dungeon, the one you have to go into to get the upgrade for the Regalia’s headlights. I beat the snake lady thing, and then Noctis glitched out. He was stuck in the air in his falling animation. I had to reload and do that fight all over again. That was painful. Thankfully, I got to summon Ramuh that time.

    The summons are freaking epic and I summon them every chance I get. I’ve gotten mostly Ramuh and Leviathan on random summon, but I’m hoping that I’ll get Bahamut again someday, so I can see what his Ultimate Sword attack looks like when it hits the enemy. Not that it wasn’t cool when he used it against Ifrit…

    Great story at the end and a lot of fun gameplay, overall.



    Oh yeah Iedolas the Emperor I figured it was him eventually I think Ardyn mentions it when Foras is following you around chapter 13. I managed to corner him in a hallway and kept dodging with Holy and got his hp down to almost half but then he disappeared and then came back full health so the game didn’t let me defeat him at that point.

    For story fights I found the Ravus one quite hard Took me like 20 potions but I dodged went back and did some combos and then left and then just repeated that. He had a lot of hp though. Ifrit was a little tough too in his 2nd form. Glad Shiva and Bahamut helped out.


    What did you think about when Noctis got pulled into the Crystal and it was explained he had to give his life to save everyone?

    When you got to the World of Ruin what did you think? I was surprised at all the enemies. Happy to see Tonberries show up I was worried my favorite monsters weren’t going to be in the game.

    Took me a while to select a photo at the end I picked the one before they all set sail on the boat to Altissia going through all my photos was tough with all the guys talking in the background.



    Finally finished it and now I can honestly say this is ranked pretty low on my overall list of Final Fantasies in the series.

    I personally think the narrative in this game is a mess, it doesn’t really explain itself very well at all and nearly everything important happens off screen (Explains why I saw people calling this ‘off screen fantasy’ a few days ago).

    What even happens in this game for Chapters 2-8? I didn’t really feel there was any focus at all, until Ardyn reveals himself as the Big Bad who exactly are we supposed to hate? It’s a FF trope to have a bad guy just pop up out of the blue sure, but I can’t think of any other FF game with no antagonist whatsoever for over half the game, FFXII had an evil empire too and yet we had a villain in Vayne who is actually just part of a bigger scheme from the moment he’s introduced to the story.

    The game needs more exposition, spread out more evenly and more scenes to develop characters like Luna, who got fucking shafted for the amount of screen time she got and what she did with it (other than in Altissia of course).

    My MAIN gripe with this game is related to the lack of story, it’s all compounded by how 80% of the game structure is padding. This is a huge problem precisely because the story is so thin, it leaves a lasting impression in that most of my memories of this game aren’t an epic storyline or moments, but a soul destroying amount of sidequests, in a pretty but shallow open world.

    It’s clear the game is a result of its own messed up development cycle, and theg ame feels pretty rushed despite being made for a billion years, it shows in how they’re fleshing out the story with a later patch and DLC, which is pretty ridiculous imo.

    So overall, not a bad game, pretty disappointing FF game and I’m eager to replay XIII though so I can compare them again more clearly, because I really do feel XIII is a better overall game.



    I beat it last night. I have mixed feelings, some of it was disappointing other parts were amazing. It was evident where things were cut or changed because of how certain parts were jarring and didnt fit in the story ( Prompto as a MT, Ardyn’s role as a healer and Izunia, Ifrit, Iedolas, Verstael). I feel like this game needed to be told in two parts much like how they are handling FFVII remake.

    I think my favorite part was between after Luna dies to the end of Chapter 13. The character interactions were really well done, I wish it had been carried through the first part of the game.

    I think was needed more depth was the Astrals, Shiva- like going over what exactly happened to her because they glaze over it, why she has various versions of herself, why she chose the form of Gentiana, and making it clear it’s her on the cover of the Cosmology book. Ifrit- his backstory is only mentioned in the official guide so when he is summoned by Ardyn it doesn’t make any sense.

    It was a bummer knowing that Niflheim, Solheim, Tenebrae, and Accordo were basically cut into small maps/ dungeons. I feel like that the maps of Leide, Duscae, and Cleigne could have been smaller so that we could at least see/ explore the Kingdom of Tenebrae or Solheim.

    With the amount of pointless amount fetch/side quest you would think that one or two of the dungeons could explain some lore about Eos.

    I’m hoping with the DLC that they will fill in some of the missing parts/ Lore. I have a feeling that the “Episodes” will go over a small bit of what Ignis, Gladio, and Prompto did in the 10 year span before Noctis’ reappearance.



    Also I’m curious what exactly Nomura’s original script was. From what we know from the 2013 trailer before Tabata took the reigns was that Noctis and Stella could see a light because of a near death experience, The capital was invaded when Noctis was there, Noctis would have to fight Leviathan and Niflheim in Altissia and all together was way more involved that what we got, There were multiple Crystals (Lucis having the last one), Glauca, Regis, Ravus, and Clarus were all redesigned, the Empire’s soldiers seemed more human.

    What I did think carried over From Nomura was the Daemons were a result of infected humans aka Heartless.

    It’s also interesting how Lunafreya and her plotline is basically a fleshed out version of Aria Bennett from FFIII.



    Oh my God, I was really enjoying the post game until these fucking Vault Dungeons, they Steyliff one AIDS.



    Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten spoiled on playing Bethesda games, but I don’t really understand the complaints with the number of side quests in the game.

    At a little over 35 hours into the game, I’ve completely cleared my map of all the side quest markers. Not even close to a hundred side quests. I guess there could be some more side quests hiding out in the middle of nowhere, far away from any diner to get the marker from, but even taking that into account there were not nearly as many side quests as some reviews had me thinking.

    Again, someone who plays Bethesda games, but as someone who has played games which literally have two hundred side quests for every single main story quest, the amount of side quests is more than normal for a FF game, but laughable compared to some other RPGs out there.



    Anyone with questions watch this.

    I felt like I understood most of the story. I did watch the Brotherhood anime, Kingsglaive and read the book prologue.

    Also YOU HAVE to read the Cosmogony books you find around the world of FFXV they really explain the backstory of Ardyn and I think its great.

    Ardyn is the ONLY FF villain that completely won and got what he wanted in the end. Sure Kefka and others “won” temporarily but Ardyn sucessfully ahieveved every goal. Even his goal for dying and being set free by also dragging down the last King of Lucis with him and making it so the Astrals had to enter the ring and then be brought into the afterlife was all his plan.



    @stolas Suggest checking out this topic http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1317495&page=207

    Ifrit betrayed the other 5 summons that cared about mankind. Ifrit is the reason for the Starscourge/Plague of the Star.

    Ardyn was an Oracle Healer like Luna chosen by the summons and was betrayed by one of the Kings because of jealousy. The Kings of Lucis and summons turned their back on him. Healers absorb the darkness from the daemons so after a lot of this Ardyn was corrupted and could no longer recover and everyone turning their backs on him caused him to want revenge on the Kings, summons and the royal King lineage. So he met up with Ifrit and they both collaborated to bring down the others and wreak havoc on the world. Ardyn had his original Oracle powers but after absorbing so many daemons he absorbed a lot of darkness that made him unable to die and immortal.

    Ardyn knew that the only way to find peace crossover to the afterlife was if he was killed by one chosen by the crystal which none of the kings before Noctis have achieved. They inherited the crystal and ring but only one chosen by the crystal could kill Ardyn by sacrificing his life. Apparently the Ring of the Lucii was a prison to which all the old kings were forced to live in. By having them enter Noctis at the end they were able to die in his body and then crossover to the afterlife where they were able to destroy the other afterlife version of Ardyn along with Noctis with hinm including King Regis aka Noctis’ dad. So he was a sacrificial vessel for not only bringing peace to the world and bringing an end to the ring but also destroying Ardyn and his ability to bring forth daemons from the Starscourge.

    So basically the Kings, the Ring of the Lucii, Summons and Ardyn were wrapped in some sort of eternal cycle that needed the Crystal and Noctis to help destroy it.

    LightSage89 most of the people I know have been enjoying the sidequests and so have I.



    @shinryu I looked all of that stuff up once I beat the game. Yet that is the issue, I had to look it up. If the FF series is known for story telling but the player has to look it up information because it’s not clear within the game that is a major problem. The reason why FFVI, FFVII, FFIX, FFIV, FFX are high on everyone’s list is because for the most part the understanding of the story and lore of the planet is really clear.

    @lightsage89 For me the side quest has to to the rewards or the lack their of. I’m fine with side quests and usually enjoy them but the majority of these don’t offer anything fantastic. And with the amount of them they could have at least fleshed out some content like side characters like Monica, Cor, or Dustin or included more of the lore of Eos.



    Sage, they are not comparable, XV sidequests just artificially extend the length the game, and they are really uninspired and throwaway.

    Whereas Bethesda sidequests are stories unto themselves however small, you’ll get an interaction with a Daedric Prince, get to join a guild, become an assassin. I’d do 200 of these over any one of the fetch quests in XV because they’re usually fun and interesting. And Skyrim has a pretty substantial story, not going to say it’s great of course, but it is though I’m sure it can be rushed through hours if you tried, so it doesn’t feel like they are there to artificially extend the length of the game.

    I think maybe I’ve been spoiled by the Witcher 3 (Saying this name triggers a lot of XV fans for some reason) because that game did everything this game does (bar maybe less exciting combat, but its combat suits itself a lot) a lot better, most of the sidequests people feel like actual people and the quests just feel more…human? It suffers from a weird Batman Detective Mode syndrome a lot, but usually a sidequest will have you actually talk to people and unlike even Bethesda you won’t even have a binary good/bad choice, just a choice with consequences, it’s amazing.

    And anyone who is enjoying hunts in this game, you’ll blow your fucking mind at the Witcher 3 hunts. :p



    So I platinumed FFXV and finished off all the Hunts. Adamantoise is a terrible fight. Really easy but 25% of your hits end up missing and the combat was messy. It needed to be structured like the Titan fight. I also completed the Pitioss Dungeon which at parts were fun but was so tedious at certain points, especially at the end. I didn’t think the Black Hood was worth it but it def made the level 90+ fights easier. Once I finish off 80% of the Ascension grid I’m going to tackle the Menace Dungeons and the lv120 legendary fight. I’m probably going to fill out the rest of the cooking and fishing archive and get all the items in the colosseum too just so I see how long it actually takes to 100% this.



    If anyone wants to try to take down Angelus

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