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FFXV Story Patch

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    I really dont have an issue with this patch. I have already beaten the story so I agree it needs to be added into it. I just applaude Square for taking the feedback so highly and adding things. As a company it is always a good idea to make your customers happy, when they are not happy you lose money. I hope this is a lesson to them going forward that they should put the all the story in first and then take things out that may not be important.



    I feel like they need to release more story. I kind of feel cheated by the doors closed with the game. I dig the story (What story there is) and the characters. I dont want it to just be done.



    I am on Chapter 8. 47 hours in, still trying to crush sidequests. The fact that you cannot accept multiple hunts at once is so annoying, and time consuming.



    @fruff the reason why is because of spawning issues. Some of the hunts, especially later will swamp in the same area as a previous hunt. It would have been nice if Square had handled this differently like they did in XII: 1.unique monsters 2. decent loot 3. smaller amount.



    Also, to play devil’s advocate, FFVII’s original JP release was missing story elements, bosses, and weapons. When they released the NA and EU version Zack’s story was added in, the WEAPON fights,battles were reworked, and FMV’s were added in. Hence why they did an International Version for JP.

    After beating FFXV, it’s evident where certain parts were cut out so everything could fit. Technically, if Tabata hadn’t changed as much as he did to the story it might have not have been an issue. Some of the 2013 trailer cutscenes could have been updated and added in to give the story a bit more depth.

    If they fill in particular plot holes either with a patch or the DLC episodes they are planning to release, I am all for it. The story overall was pretty good it just needs a few more scenes to really refine it. Also it’s funny he commented on Ravus because out of all the plot holes, it’s the least glaring.



    All those cuts and yet Chapter 13 survived, lol.

    Man, after finishing post game I don’t think I’ll replay this game until they categorically state they have finished all patches, not up to replaying it several times to get more andm ore story.

    I’m glad I didn’t have to professionally review this, sounds like a nightmare.

    That said, the fact that they are doing it, as ridiculous as it is, is better than not doing it.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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