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FFXV: How Do You Feel Now?

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    FFXV is the first mainline non-MMO FF to receive updates and major patches. Since it’s been a full year since it’s release how do you feel about it now? Do you think the updates address any major issues?

    Below I have listed all the added content since patch 1.04. This includes the paid DLC, exclusive pre-order DLC that was made available later, and free added content. Everything bold is paid DLC.

    Chapter 5: Added minor flashback of Jared
    Chapter 12: Shiva Introduction Altered & Extended ( Astral Lore, Gentiana’s promise to Luna, Noctis’ lines revised)
    Chapter 13 Verse 2: For King and Comrade (Gladio Playthrough/ Added Ravus Scene)
    Episode Gladiolus
    Episode Prompto
    Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades

    New Game Plus
    Chapter Select
    Moogle Chocobo Carnival Event
    Assassin’s Carnival Event
    Timed Quests (3 Iterations- Initial, Online Ranking, Offline Version)
    Level Cap increased to 120
    Hunt capacity increased
    Summoning: All Characters Receive Exp after battle
    Music Player active on Chocobo
    Manual Snapshots
    Photo Winning Snapshots added to Takka’s Pitstop/ Gauldin Quay
    Duscae Arches now explorable
    Buffed- Ring of Lucii (Holy & Alterna spell animation changed)
    Debuffed-Bow of the Clever/ Overwhelm combo
    Regalia Type-D (Off Road)
    “Big Jump” Minigame (Regalia Type-D)
    “Melusine” Sidequest Hunt
    “Chain Link” Battle Mechanic
    “Love Turned Tragic” Trophy
    “Seize the Moment” Trophy

    Afrosword (Timed Quest Prize, Changes battle music when equipped)
    Medjay Assassin’s Shield (Assassin’s Carnival)
    Blazefire Saber
    Ragnarok (Booster Pack+)
    Mage Mashers
    Genji Sword (Episode Gladiolus)
    Gae Bolg
    Lionheart (Episode Prompto)

    Nixexperience Band (Holiday Pack)
    Warrior’s Fanfare (Holiday Pack)
    Ring of Resistance (Holiday Pack+)
    Tech Turbocharger (Holiday Pack+)
    Armiger Accelerator (Holiday Pack+)
    Blitzer’s Fanfare (Holiday Pack+)
    Tactician’s Fanfare (Holiday Pack+)
    Key of Prosperity (Holiday Pack+)
    Stamina Badge (Holiday Pack+)

    Noctis- Choco-Mog Tee (Holiday Pack)
    Noctis- Master Assassin’s Robe (Moogle Chocobo Carnival/ Dream Egg)
    Noctis- Noodle Helmet
    Noctis- Trendy Outfit
    Magitek Exosuits
    Medjay Assassin’s Robe (Assassin’s Festival)
    Noctis- Royal Raiment
    Noctis- Festival Ensemble (Holiday Pack+)
    Gladio- Rugged Attire (Episode Gladiolus)
    Prompto- Tundra Attire (Episode Prompto)

    Albireo reel (Moogle Chocobo Carnival)
    Howling Gust rod (Moogle Chocobo Carnival)
    Poppeck: Tinselred Chocobo lure (Moogle Chocobo Carnival)
    Mog Rank: Rubygold Moogle lure (Moogle Chocobo Carnival)
    Fomalhaut reel (Angular Set)
    Avior reel (Booster Pack+)
    Air Stagger rod (Angular Set)
    Dragon Drain rod (Booster Pack+)
    Tidal Might Leviathan lure (Angular Set)

    Bestiary- shows enemy stats, item drop information, and new lore.
    Feather Camera Filter (Assassin’s Carnival)
    Photo Frames for Share Feature
    Assassin’s Photo frame (Assassin’s Carnival)
    Recipe- Golden Chocobo Tart (Moogle Chocobo Carnival)
    Recipe- Kupoberry Cheesecake (Moogle Chocobo Carnival)
    Recipe- Plump ‘n’ Pungent Tofu
    Recipe- Semur Skewers (Assassin’s Carnival)
    Photo Storage increased to 200
    Chocobo Carnival Photo Frames (Holiday Pack+)
    Recipe- Crispy Cheese Pizza (Gourmand Set)
    Recipe- Keycatrich Salad (Comrades)
    Recipe- Pit Crew’s Meat Wraps (Comrades)

    Music Player
    NieR: Gestalt & Replicant- 1 song
    NieR: Automata- 1 songs
    Terra Battle- 2 songs
    Episode Gladiolus- 2 Songs
    Episode Prompto- 3 songs

    Choco-Mog Mascot decal (Moogle Chocobo Carnival)
    Assassin Mascot decal (Assassin’s Carnival)
    Recolor: Terra Battle
    Recolor: Assassin’s Insignia (Assassin’s Carnival)
    Recolor: Cindymobile
    Recolor: 16-Bit Buddies
    Recolor: Platinum Leviathan
    Recolor: Gold Chocobo

    PS4 Pro frame rate options
    Font Change
    Many Many Bug Fixes

    Future Content
    Episode Ignis



    Future Content continued
    Up to 3 New DLCs for 2018

    Future Updates
    December-Character Swap (You can now play all 4 Characters in the main game)
    December-Timed Quest Offline mode- Defeat as many monsters as you can for items in a set time. Trade items to Cid for a Buff.
    2018-There will be a focus and updates concerning the lore of Eos so that it will lead to Episode Ardyn



    How can anyone see how much has been added up til now and NOT say the game was unfinished and unpolished at launch? That said, the latest news about the switchable characters is VERY nice, I was planning to replay the slightly more finished version of the game after Episode Ignis but if Ardyn and possible Luna will get an episode, I’ll wait…having to pay for what imo should be in the game already is absolute shite though, but if it makes the game better it makes the game better.


    Raistlin Mustaine

    It does give it some replay value but since I’ve platinumed it, I haven’t touched it. I’ll wait maybe another year.



    The hunt capacity increase addresses a huge issue that I had with the game. I also liked the Shiva introduction change and additional Ravus’ scenes, I just didn’t like the execution. They definitely feel tacked on rather it being nicely integrated. I think that any other new story additions will probably be like that. Again, Tababta’s strong point is gameplay not story. Finally, now that all the bros are playable it definitely makes me want to do another New Game Plus. I might wait a full year though until the updates are finished, it might feel like an entirely different game by then.



    I feel about the same, which is to say it was an okay FF but not really my favorite and it seemed unfinished or at least unpolished. To be fair though I haven’t re-played it since my first play through. But most of the added content I don’t care about. Much of it should have already been in the game. I’m waiting for the remaining story content to be released and then I will replay it and all the story related DLC. Maybe then I’ll feel better but I don’t think I’m going to change my opinion much.

    I sort of just want them to be done with FFXV so that we can move on to FFXVI. I don’t want to wait another decade to get the next game.


    Skoll Hati

    I feel the same about it, really enjoyed both the gameplay and story, it looks great and the world is awesome. But it is clear that the deadline made this a lesser game which is frustrating. It’s a good game I think it’s a 80-85/100 but it easily could have been a 90-95 which can be very disheartening.



    Well now with The Royal Edition being released on March 6th, as an incentive for players that held off buying FFXV, they are including a chunk of new content. This does not include the expanded story updates and DLC that Tabata mentioned for the Season 2 DLC.

    Final Fantasy XV: Royal Pack for $19.99
    -New Boss fights -Cerberus, Omega, Rulers of Yore, Possibly a boss found in the Ocean.
    -New Maps- Insomina Expanded, New Dungeon (Rulers of Yore)
    -Vehicles- Royal Vessel (can now explore the ocean between Altissia and Lucis)
    -Gameplay- First Person Mode, Armiger Unleashed Mechanic
    -Weapons & Accessories- There has been a report that more will be added.
    -Story- New Cutscenes involving Chapter 14. New Cutscene for Regalia Type-D, New Story/ Mission involving the sea monster you sight on the Royal Vessel. Most likely a new scenes for the Rulers of Yore

    Well now, christ, it definitely feels like a entirely new game with this addition. This, again, doesn’t cover the New DLC Tabata wants to add throughout 2018.



    Reddit had a better description of what will be added. Sorry for the double post.
    Quick summary
    -Expanded Map: Insomnia City Ruins- New bosses Cerberus, Omega, and Rulers of Yore.
    -A fully-controllable Royal Vessel boat (Between Lucis and Altissia is explorable)
    -New Quest/s for Regalia Type-D to strengthen it and possibly race it.
    -Archive- Cosmogony excerpts will be added in. Additional new Lore and legends will be scattered over Lucis. New Fish/Fishing Spots and Dishes (This is tied to the Royal Vessel)
    -First Person Mode
    -New Quest -in an “unidentified part of the world” find an accessory that let’s you access Armiger Unleashed ability.
    -Chapter 14 Story Expansion
    -New Trophies (Does that perk your interest Schwiess?)

    Pre-Order Bonuses- Powerup Pack- Items (Windows), Fashion Collection- Oufits for the Bros (Steam), Car Decal collection (Origin)



    Fucking hell


    Joseph DeGolyer

    Dammit dude.



    So we’re all agreed when this game is finished it warrens a re-review? :p



    I know it’s gotten to the point that I feel like playing through the whole thing again. The game is a different beast from what it was when it came out.

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