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FF7 Remake thread

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    Just wondering if someone was going to make an official FF7 Remake thread in the forums for everyone to really get into this thing.. There’s a lot to get into and a lot that people agree and disagree on in regards to what needs to be included and cut and improved upon.. Should be a lot of fun and we have YEARS to do it


    Skoll Hati

    I totally support it. FF7 is confusing as hell, it’s translation makes it even worse. If it weren’t for Crisis Core and the UFF episode with that guy who better translated the game, I don’t think I would have fully understood it. It has a great feel, world, characters, etc but I think FF7 is very limited by its technology. I’d support most remakes of great games from pre-PS2 era. It’s hard for me to believe the creators of that era had actual creative freedom with the technical restraints. But in a game like FF10, that doesn’t feel nearly as limited, if at all. We’re at a point now in games that no one has to worry about fitting their whole idea in there, it’s more about how to make it more fun, look better, etc.
    Unless you’re on a strict deadline *cough* FF15 *cough*
    Just my overall thoughts. Excited to play it.



    Thabks @skollhati for somehow being the only one to reply to what is supposed to be an awesome thread and sorry I somehow missed your reply.. I didn’t want this to be the official thread and maybe someone will make one in a future post closer to the release of part one but I guess we can play around with setting up a general format for discussion.. I suck at this shtuff so maybe someone help me out with format suggestions.. all I can think of is like Disc by Disc lists of what events happen and what should stay or go? I’ll start one with very general one from disc one IMO: Cloud dressing up as a woman And almost being gang raped has to go! Also the creepy scene of Tifa in a 50 shades of Grey scene in the basement..on second thought..JK..The whole point of it is to have Cloud enter the place and save Tifa and somehow end up in the sewers right? I think for example just have the party sneak in somehow and save Tifa and end up in a trap or something that lands them in the sewer..?



    Honestly, I’m still down for the cross dressing scene. Maybe tone down the rapey vibe parts but I’m all for dressing Cloud up and trying to outdo Aerith and Tifa.

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