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FF6 on mobile

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    Ok so first and foremost I lied on an online forum and I’ve never actually played ff6 but after over 2 years of the show I know I’m missing out on abpossibly top 2 FF game.. But I bought it on mobile and started it up andnidk I like the tap screen functions for battling and am wondering if I should just invest in the original or I guess steam version instead.. There’s just a lot of button tapping and I don’t think I like it played like that.. Any opinions?



    I don’t like playing it on mobile. I can’t get used to the touch screen. I say play on steam.



    Don’t play the Mobile/Steam version of FF6 its an abomination.

    If you have a PSP, Vita, PS3 you can just buy the PS1 version from the store and play it.
    Or if you have a PS1 or PS2 you can get the PS1 game disc for FF6.

    If not then you can play the GBA version of FF6 which is great and on GBA but can also play on DS.

    Then there is the SNES version which is expensive BUT the SNES Classic is coming out in like 2 months and will include FF6

    So I recommend playing it that way.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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