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FF Revenant Wings final boss tips

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    Use Range Units and less Melee Units.
    Be at least in your level 60s.
    Espers are your best friend for this battle so you better have them.
    Remember the trick for this battle is play defensively, avoid Bahamut and use your own Bahamut. He only does MegaFlare when he shows up and then it takes a while for him to use it again.

    Send 1 lone weak unit to get destroyed by megaflare and then have your other strong guys somewhere else.
    “I suggest doing Midlight Deeps FIRST mission over and over (with Ashe’s Embroidered Tippet). It’s 60k per (for all active leaders) and it’s easy to do once you understand the movement pattern. If you would like to know the quickest method, then ask, but that isn’t your question, I understand. Also, in terms of leveling, level up some of the reserve characters too. Even if you don’t use them, the Espers’ levels are based on the average leader level (+1 or +2 depending on esper rank).

    Equip everyone’s best weapon/armor if you haven’t. As for accessories, Try Llyud with (forgot accessory name) the one which increases affinity, and Basch with his first helmet, the HP booster.

    Now, your party is fine, as really any party is. As for espers, put Carbuncles, Wyverns, and Zodiark. I know you may think “the monsters are melee, Zodiark is ranged, what are you thinking.” Zodiark is very powerful, and his regular attack is Graviga. Although Bahamut’s Megaflare might seem like a nice attack to have, it’s an attack you have every now and then, while Zodiark just pounds with Graviga. Graviga also targets an area, so it hits these nice mobs all at once for people like Kytes and Ashe (and Basch’s Shining Ray) to pick off. Wyverns are naturally flyers with a spread attack, and Carbuncles…self explanatory. Pick whatever r1 esper you want, they’ll die off rather fast.

    At the start, go to the left portal, and summon Zodiark and a bunch of Wyverns to Baschs team. Summon a bunch of Carbuncles to Penelo. The other three really don’t need espers as the only use they’ll be is in their own abilities, but we want espers to Penelo due to increased healing, and to Basch because his quickening is a LIFESAVER in this fight, and it affects all HIS espers (which is why he should have the main group. If you have more affinity (the extra 15 is nice from llyud, adds up to an extra wyvern/carbuncle).

    Anyway, after all the r1 espers are destroyed and you have Basch loaded with espers and Penelo with around 4-5 carbuncles, give the extra wyverns to Kytes, or Carbuncles to Kytes (to help with his quickening. It’s more useful, since Llyud’s (Quickening will be shortened to Q.) Q is only useful when he has an army (he doesn’t) and Ashe’s is worthless in this fight. Make sure basch leads the way to take the main damage from the monsters, and use abilities until they’re all gone. Set Basch’s Gambit to Shell until you destroy the staff (and not sooner…that staff is murderous enough with shell…especially at your level). I’ll try not to bore you with useless info anymore, as obviously you’ve gotten his arms at least.

    Anytime Basch’s Q fills, until you beat both arms, USE IT IMMEDIATELY. You never know when he’ll attack. As for other Qs, save them until you need them (Ashe’s is worthless anyway, as it only works on summoning gates aka not what’s in this fight).

    To help things, set Ashes gambit to either Hastega or Regenga, and use the non-gambited one yourself. Target Baschs party, these two spells help A LOT.

    Focus on the arm until the mobs approach. When they show up, drop what your doing and kill them. You do NOT want to get overwhelmed by them. Use Shining Ray from Basch to ease the attack, and finish with whatever. Once the staff is gone, set Basch’s gambit to Protect.

    The fist is easy enough, and less enemies will show up due to the first hand dying. After that it’s time for the main guy. Place Penelo, Kytes and Ashe right next to the dead fist along the pedestal wall. Send Basch and Llyud to the main part. The healers will still reach them from down there, they’re safe from the melee assault as they’ll go for Basch/Llyud, and they’re out of range for the beam. As with the hands, focus on the monsters before continuing your attack on Feolthanos.

    DON’T USE BASCHS Q YET. Save it for once Bahamut shows up. You also might want to switch his Gambit sometime after the fist-before Bahamut to Shell just in case you don’t use his Q in time to protect from the beam attack.

    Once Bahamut shows up, Get Llyud out of there. Wait 5-10 seconds and have Basch use his Q, because Feol is about to use the beam. Send Llyud to where the rest are. Once Feol uses his beam, WAIL on Bahamut (have Basch get out of there too, but after Llyud. You want Bahamut to use Megaflare BEFORE your team meets up.) Spam Comet, Pyrotechnics, Charge/Flare, Shining Ray (when Bahamut is surrounded by the ever present melee monsters) until Bahamut finally dies.

    Ok, after Bahamut, heal and build up your army again until you’re full. Here’s a note…DO NOT STAND IN FRONT OF THE HEAD. The beam will go through the entire field in a line from the head, the width of the stairs. Place everyone to the side again, and send Basch and Llyud up to continue. Use Basch’s Q when it shows up, as the beam will still come. The monsters will continue showing up indefinitely so continue to obliterate them. Keep hacking and slashing until he dies.

    Good luck to you sir/ma’am. If you’re still having trouble, level up. This is NOT an easy fight to do underleveled, and I couldn’t do it until my average party was around 70, and my espers were like, low 60’s (I didn’t use Filo/Fran/Balthier ever…they just aren’t very good). You may have an easier time just because I used Vaan over Kytes (Faster Melee, and Pyroclasm).”

    Here is another strategy

    “My main pt consists of Vaan 55, Penelo 54, Kytes 56, Balthier 55 and Basch 56, espers are lvl 50-52.

    How this strategy works –
    Hide Basch by a Summong Gate and move Penelo and her carbuncles a little to the south west, touching the edge of the map whilst killing off your other 3 leaders and their espers, at the same time summon a bunch of rank 2 espers for Basch and put them in around the area your characters start at, these espers are used to build up Basch’s quickening and Penelo and carbuncles can help heal them from the back lines. When Basch’s quickening is full then send any remaining units down to the opposite Summoning Gate from where Basch is to buy some time to create more espers for him which will stay with him to help build up his quickening after he uses it, when the enemies start to hunt Basch down and get close to him then use his quickening and you should have enough espers out and alot of enemies on you to allow him to build it up again before his invincibility falls so you can keep using his Quickening over and over and you can’t die, now summon a Bahamut and as many other rank 2’s as you can and send them up to kill Feol’s body, leave Basch and 1 or 2 espers at the bottom to build up a pile of enemies which will get your quickening bar up in seconds, you want to keep Basch at the bottom no matter what because the enemy Bahamut can disable him and block his Quickening which obviously results in game over, I had to learn that the hard way a few times before I realised he was being disabled -.-

    Pulling this strategy off can be difficult and may not always work, you want Basch and Penelo no questions asked, for your rank 3 esper use Bahamut as he owns Zodiark and will shorten the fight by 66% compared (Seriously, I tried it, 28 min fight with Zodiark, 9 with Bahamut), use Diabolos or Wyverns for rank 2 and gnoam for rank 1 (I ignored rank 1 and thats why I have the useless chocobos), also if any other leader starts with carbuncles then use them too, just anything to keep you alive long enough to get Basch’s quickening up quickly at the start.

    I’m not sure if this strategy could work at much of a lower lvl since this is my earliest data, I tried at lvl 50 without this strategy but I got owned fast and hard by the 1st set of wraiths.

    Those cinematic attack things are so annoying! Always go off when your about to click something, it could have at least kept the windows open and return to your original position, the right hand AoE makes all stationary characters go running towards it too which can get you killed when your bunched together since it messes up positioning and your mages can get attacked ~.~

    This battle would have been alot more interesting and harder if feol’s right hand AoE and laser attack hit through Basch’s invincibility, invincibility usually leaves you vulnerable to magic attacks, not sure if the same applies to this game but both those attacks seem magic based to me.”



    So yeah Joe you should really get your own Bahamut and focus on taking out the enemy Bahamut and luring him with 1 lone weak unit to use megaflare and then rush him and take him down fast with other characters. Level up a bit too.

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