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Favorite Character in Final Fantasy XI?

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    Who’s your favorite character in Final Fantasy XI, and why?



    The Zeid. That guy is awesome. The OG Dark Knight.

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    It warmed my heart to hear your review of CoP. I first got FFXI just after CoP was released, so the game as you’ve reviewed it so far is the game I played. I really hope you include at least Zilart in your overall ranking of FFXI because none of us played it as you did for your initial review. Still, hearing what you’ve said about the expansion has made me yearn for a game I spent a loooooong time in!

    But to answer your question, my favorite NPC is one you haven’t met yet: Lilisette in WotG is the clear favorite, but only because she’s the hottest.

    Meh, I’m that shallow I suppose.

    PS If you find yourselves with spare time in Whitegate (Waiting on jp midnight?), check out the quest Three Men and a Closet. I remember it being the funniest quest in the game!



    I haven’t even played this part yet, but I like Shintoto. I only saw her cut scene while doing another quest, but she was so crazy and over the top that she was by far the most fun single character I encountered in the game. To be fair to the game, characters in MMOs are almost always a bit flat. I’ve put a lot more time into a couple other MMOs and I can only remember a few NPCs from those and not by name. Runner up would be the guy I exchange ROE points with, becasue I’m always excited to talk to him.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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