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Fan to the show, new to the forum

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    I’ve been listening to the show now for a couple of months and finally decided to join the forum. I started off by just listening to the review ones and then slowly moved to listening to all of them! I really enjoy how put together each episode is. They’re informative and funny and I find myself nodding my head in agreement or vehemently disagreeing with an opinion brought up and I love that I can get that from a podcast.

    My love for FF games began when my sister bought me FF8 for christmas one year. I have fond memories of this game only because my sister loved the story (sucker for the “love” aspect of it) and we would play together. (She hated video games and I liked them well enough.) I would actually play the game and she would take notes for me and help me with the guide. I couldn’t play any aspect of the story part if she wasn’t around. She even made me name Rinoa after her! It was difficult and weird and I loved playing it. I had never played a game like it before and really liked a lot of aspects of the game. I fell in love with this type of video games. Since then, I’ve played FF10, 10-2 (cringe) FF12, FF13, and finally FF15. Listening to this podcast makes me want to find a way to play the older games! Just need to find a way how!


    Rob Lennon

    Welcome!!! Glad to have you on board. Sounds like you need some single digit Final Fantasy love in your life (besides VIII), lol!




    Welcome to the forums fellow fan!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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