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Episode Suggestion: Speedrunning

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    I think it might be interesting to cover the phenomenon of speedrunning on the show sometime. Not being a speedrunner myself, I do really enjoy watching videos of famous runs just for the sheer talent and willpower it takes to execute every minute glitch frame perfect to shave of another second of the final time. It’s beyond impressive how much dedication some people bring into speedrunning, constantly striving for that world record pace.
    If you’re interested in the topic, let me recommend the youtube channel Summoning Salt to you. He has done a couple of videos detailing the world record progression for different games in the speedrunning community and they’re well produced and very informative.



    I’ve never really delved super deep into Speed-running but I do like watching AGDQ/SGDQ when they’re playing a game I’m interested in. There was an awesome KH2 speedrun in the last SGDQ, it’s really impressive how well they know every detail and make even the toughest bosses look like child’s play.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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