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    Recently Playstation has come out with the Playstation classic, and have come out saying that the mini-console machine does not use any software taken from Sony itself, but uses a old PS1 emulator called PCSX built into it. Do you think this is a cheap move on Sony’s part, or do you think there’s a significant difference between something like this, or just pirating it? Is it the same thing? Do you think it legitimizes piracy more by proving the when companies try to sell these to consumers, they’re just using emulators that were made by fans, and sometimes even the roms themselves, which have been known to be taken straight from the internet in some cases, showing the companies don’t even keep archives themselves sometimes?



    It’s pretty sad on Sony’s part, especially considering (I assume) they have the means to put legitimate roms or ISOs and emulation software in this thing. (I’m going by the fact that PS1 Classics exist on PS3, PSP and Vita.) Honestly, you could probably buy most of these games on PS3 for almost the same price as this PlayStation Classic unit. Just reeks of Sony trying to get in on the action, albeit a little too late.

    Not sure if Nintendo’s machines have their own emulation software in them or not (again, they have Virtual Console, so there’s a precedent there), but it’s all-the-more scummy considering Nintendo went on a rampage this past year, taking down emulation sites. Even if you abhor piracy and emulation, in some cases, it’s the only way to preserve certain games that the developers either forgot about, lost, or just plain old won’t re-release.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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