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    Skoll Hati

    In a recent episode you guys said FF6,7,9, and 10 were probably the easiest main series games, is it a coincidence that they’re among the top tiers of your lists? Discuss 🙂



    Ooooooh.. lol

    9 is my favorite and while I would say it’s easier then other games, it’s not the easy factor that made it my number 1.

    If it was harder, I would still enjoy the game and praise it.



    Easy does make games fun as you dont get frustrated as much as the harder games. My favourite are 7 and 10 which are games that are as simple as level up to get better.



    I tend to grind until I’m WAY overpowered anyway, so I think that easy = fun for me. I sometimes just want to run through the story, so I do all my grinding at once and then enjoy the rest of the game.

    I think that 6,7,9, and 10 are good because they are balanced though. They are easy as long as you fight the random battles, and the game scales along with your characters at a nice pace, meaning you don’t need to overly grind in any of those games.


    Skoll Hati

    Totally agree Battman! 6&9 do it perfectly in that sense IMO

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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