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Doom Review rant

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    Just finished the episode, it was pretty good.

    The sneeze rant was pretty amusing.
    I totally got the point, but I’m the type of person that always blesses someone when they sneeze. When I sneeze and the people around me says nothing, it kinda pisses me off. Not offended, but annoyed.

    Its not really a religious thing or trying to shove your soul back in. I’m a southern boy and manners are a big thing for me. Its something that was burnt into my mentality and I almost can’t help it. I guess it’s kinda empty like the saying sorry comment, which I to avoid saying. It’s actually better to respond in a positive manner when you’ve upset someone. Like making someone wait on you, don’t say sorry. Instead I thank them for waiting. It usually helps more then throwing a empty apology.

    Same thing with Kaleb’s “how are you?” Mini rant. I can’t stand short/lazy replies. I asked you a question dammit, would it kill you to have some common courtesy?

    Anyways, funny lil bit in the review.

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    So this might be bullshit but you tend to believe everything you hear when you are young. I was told that people say bless you after you sneeze because you heart actually stops beating while you are sneezing. Again, I have no research to back this up. This is just something I remember someone telling me.



    I believe your heart does stop for a moment when you sneeze actually.

    My parents were really hardcore about manneers.. so not blessing someone was considered really rude.



    Sneezing can actually kill you!



    More strange things your body does that can kill you

    Nature is scary man. I always bless people when they sneeze, just a habit.

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