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Don't worry guys. (Shinryu calms and assures the UFF hosts)

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    Last episode was a bit of a downer ok not really but I did hear your worries loud and clear.
    I’m just here to say that as a someone that has beaten most of the upcoming games you will be playing you have nothing to worry about.

    Most of the games you have played so far are actually the longest games you will play aside from like stuff like Tactics, Bravely Default, Xenogears and Chrono Trigger.

    The rest of the games that you guys need to play are mostly 10-15 hour games to 25-30 hour games. You guys are going to be breezing through the Crystal Chronicles games probably. You can easily get through those in a week or two. Plus many of them are multiplayer so you can play together to beat it even faster.

    Also a lot of the upcoming games are very different so you won’t feel like you are playing the same rpg over and over but they offer really cool different mechanics and stuff.

    And you have a lot of portable/handheld games which are easy to finish since you can bring the games with you and play 15 minutes here and there whenever you have free time.

    Don’t worry I actually think you can beat the remainder of your games in 1-2 years since they aren’t long like the FF main games and sequels/prequels.

    Hope that helped 😀



    I felt their frustration. They put a lot of pressure on themselves to put out weekly content. They could easily just play the games and only put out review episodes, but I know they care about their listeners so they would never do that. To be completely honest, and this isn’t meant to be negative, but the episodes have taken a bit of a dip in quality recently. You can tell Joe is burnt out, and that they both are exhausted. Life, multiple podcasts, work, etc. takes its toll I am sure. I think this episode was good. It was a bit of show therapy, and I expect the episodes to be much better going forward.



    I hadn’t logged into the forums in probably close to two years (most of my activity was as Schnitzeltime on the original forums), but after listening to that episode I wanted to say the same thing that shinryu said. Joe especially- don’t stress getting all these games done. The mythic origins of the summons IV episode that was just released was definitely more upbeat, but if you guys seriously need to take like a whole month off from the UFF podcast and just go with Nude Clan and whatever else you want to do, whether that is get acclimated to your new job or write your screenplay or anything like that, I think you should go with it. I can’t really speak for the current forum because I haven’t looked at it since the original, but I recognize most of the names on here still and I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of them want you guys to just chill for a bit. I get the sense that the goal of beating the entire series is more self-imposed than anything, and that’s great if it is really something you guys want to do. But I don’t think it should be such a mental burden that it can cause Joe to get into a slump about it. I’m not sure you can even enjoy the games if you’re only trying to burn through them all. I haven’t even played XV yet (although I did get to obliterate Zodiac Age over the summer, and I didn’t even like the original) but I’m not gonna lose sleep over it.
    I know you repeatedly said that the depressing ambience of that episode was just because y’all were tired, but hopefully it helps to know that there are many less active listeners like myself that support you guys regardless. Keep it up!



    If they’re really pressed for content and still want to do weekly episodes they can simply break the game reviews up. Just commit to playing up to a certain point in the game per week, reviews could last a month or so, and if they get other ideas they can drop them in here or there if they don’t think they’ll be able to pay much that week.

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