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Do you think FF7 Remake will be 3 parts and $29.99 each?

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    Like hear me out they said the game will be episodic so I’m thinking 3-4 games.

    What if they release FF7 Remake part 1 and its a $29.99 game and then 1 year later they release a DLC on the store which is part 2 and that is $29.99 as well so basically you buy the expansion or next part which gets updated and added to your main game?

    Kinda like how you can buy the base version of FF14 Realm Reborn and then purchase the expansions to combine for the full game.

    They can do the same for FF7. Release part 2 and then part 3 and all you have to do is purchase it. The game auto updates and its there for you already.

    After all the parts release they can put out a special “Complete Edition” which includes all 3 parts on a disc already or something.


    Hat 89

    So, I know this is just brainstorming the price, but I want to add some context from what I’ve read…

    In an older interview, Kitase has said the multi-part series for the FF7 Remake will be more closer to the FFXIII Trilogy. Each game will be a 40-50 hour, or a complete game experience, and not like a Netflix series where it just stops half-way through a plot line as you wait for Season 2.

    In order to do that, they are fleshing out the story more, with characters like Biggs and Wedge, Jessie, that make big sacrifices in the original, but you don’t really spend much time with them in the original, despite their sacrifice. Also, Midgar itself in the original, it feels large, but it really isn’t that big in terms of playable size… Sector 7 is like 2 screens.. I suspect in the remake, Midgar will take some time to traverse, and actually feel like a massive city.

    Whether that is a good idea or not aside, I am deeply concerned that Kitase felt it was a good idea to compare his new project, to the 13 trilogy, as that game got more and more preposterous with each new release.

    That new trailer was awesome though, and who knows what they’ve changed since that interview with Kitase, Shinryu might be onto something!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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