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Disappointed in nothing Final Fantasy related being shown or announced at E3?

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    Just noticed a lot of FF fan forums and stuff being very salty after E3 this year lol.
    Nothing FF related was shown or announced really unless you count a Brave Exvius and Monster Hunter World crossover stuff.

    Nothing on FF15 expansion story DLC. Nothing on FF7 Remake. Nothing on FF16. nothing on any other side small FF related project, port of any older game for Switch or PS4.

    I think people would have even been happy with a spinoff game like another World of FF game for PS4.



    lol forgot to tack on the question.

    So are you disappointed?
    Do you understand and agree with the fans that are a bit disappointed?
    What do you think they should have shown or could have done differently?



    Seeing meltdowns on reddit forums, the justification of why FFVII announcement should have been at E3, and what a horrible mistake that it wasn’t present, even though entertaining, is unjustified. Sometimes I think our expectation as fans vs reality is disconnected, especially at this instance. Square basically focused on smaller IPs that are geared toward a Western Audience for this presentation. I really do think that their marketing strategy was “We’ll show all the smaller stuff now, give the release date for KH3, etc, and wait to show major FF stuff at the bigger events.” Square specifically stated they were announcing FF content this year. It just may have not been now. If they had shown a new FF or FFVII remake it would have overshadowed all their other IPs. They want people talking about a game like Tomb Raider to drive sales. Remember, they considered Tomb Raider’s release back in 2013 to be a failure.
    Other things to consider:
    -E3 is technically a smaller event. In recent years, it’s only brought in 70k attendees while TGS brings in 270k. They might be holding out for the bigger venues.
    -Nomura, as a director, does not show anything until things are pretty much polished/ finished. He is basically the anti-Tabata. Which is a good thing, we do not need to have another FFXV debacle where a ton of stuff is show then ends up getting cut when the game is finally released. A good example is the Big Hero 6 world that was announced for KH3. Despite it being announced in 2014 there hasn’t been any footage yet. Nomura stated in a very recent interview that they are still animating scenes. When it’s up to snuff, he will show it.
    -Pure Speculation: It might have not been Square’s call to show something as big as FFVII. I can imagine Disney expressing concern that their IP getting overshadowed. Disney is a huge corporation that wants their intellectual property treated a certain way.

    About FFXV 4 DLC Episodes that’s slated for Winter/ Spring next year- It wouldn’t make any sense for them to try to hype it now, it’s too early and they are only 2 hour gameplay experiences. The priority doesn’t seem too high. Also, The reaction during the live presentation of the new set of DLC was really mixed. It would make sense for them to show it closer to it’s release. The previous DLC Episodes trailers were usually show 4-5 months before their release.

    Generally, I think the fanbase is being ridiculous. A vocal part of the community (This includes the shit show that is Kotaku) are acting as if just because FF wasn’t shown at this one event, it’s not going to show up at bigger events like Jump Festa or TGS and the rest of the year is done or even “it’s not coming out till the PS5 release.” Also on certain FF reddit forums particular users were pulling an FF Peasant and making outlandish connections such as the Square Enix Presents background is Cloud’s Buster Sword. It was a scratch metal surface texture. Sometimes a banana is just a banana.



    People were expecting FF news? We practically just got FFXV, jesus christ.



    @alastor The argument is that it’s been three years since we heard anything about FFVII. Part of fans are clamoring for FFXVI the other just want FFVII now and are tired of waiting. I laugh at the FFXVI because it’s unlikely that announcement would happen until FFVII remake is 2/3rds of the way finished. The FFVII demand just sounds like a bunch of spoiled children. It’s in production. It will be launched for the PS4. maybe. But it is coming out.



    @alastor even a port of an older game for a handheld system would have been ok like another spinoff game like World of Final Fantasy or maybe a FFV port for Switch like they did with FF3 and 4 on DS or FF4 on PSP.

    Anything really even small would have been nice.



    I’m bummed there was no FF7 Remake trailer but it’s not THAT big a deal, people are definitely overreacting. I do think it was a weird decision for Square to have their own conference if they weren’t going to show FF7, a FF16 tease, or their Avengers game. They didn’t even save a decent KH reveal for themselves, they loaned 95% of their trailer to Microsoft. Expectations were high and they didn’t do anything to manage them.



    I’m not expecting much news about the FF7 remake for a very long time, personally, ever since they said it would be so big we’d only get it in parts.



    Kingdom Hearts 3 doesn’t count? At the very least, we got a release date for that, which hopefully signals when the FF7 remake will start going into full-on production. (I don’t know if the two are related in terms of development teams, but I imagine Square’s Japan studio is putting all its power into getting KH3 out ASAP; especially since it was supposed to be a 2018 release at first, and got pushed to January 2019.)



    I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask for more information on a game that was announced 3 years ago. Now sure, some people aren’t being reasonable in their responses but being disappointed seems like an honest reaction. There is a phrase, “You have to strike while the iron is hot.” I honestly have little excitement for Kingdom Hearts 3 because it was first shown, what, 5 years ago now? Especially with all the buzz we have heard about the FF7 remake, I mean, in theory you are getting PART 1, only part 1 of a game in what? 2019? 2020? Beyond? I wish companies would not announce projects so darn early. Your fans are going to be disappointed. And in general, I think Square Enix would greatly benefit from having a better production timeline. FFXV took years to come out and it still felt incomplete and they had to patch it to kingdom come. So clearly the wait does not automatically equal a better product. It’s not uncommon for artists to thrive when they have a deadline.

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