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    Joe said he’d watch Digimon, so outside of watching it on netflix which got removed two years ago, here’s how you’ watch the original, step by step guide.


    First, the order you’d watch the original season:
    Digimon Adventure (Movie) – “Movie” that’s 20 minutes long, precursor to the series
    Digimon Adventure (Series) – The original TV series, a 54 episode children’s show from 1999
    Digimon Adventure: Our War game – Full length movie that takes place after the series

    You could watch Digimon Tri to like Craig mentioned, although it’s still not complete, with only 5 out of the 6 movies have been released so far, but those you can but the blu-rays for so you don’t have to go through this setup


    and I guess you could add Digimon Adventure – Return of Diabolomon too if you wanted, another movie that came after Our War Game and part of the Adventure series, if you watched it you would watch it between Our War Game and Digimon Adventure Tri.


    Now as for how’d you watch the series, you’d have to do it on your computer using a video player that can playback subtitled video files, in this case .mkv, and a torrent client to download the files, so I’ll go through that step by step.

    1. First download the torrent client, I you can get it here:
    Just download whatever version you need for the computer your on.
    2. Download video player, MPC-HC, found here:
    Pick whatever version you need for your computer, either 32-bit or 64 bit, and then download and install.

    that’s just for downloading the files and watching them, as for the files themselves:
    1. Digimon Adventure (Movie) uploaded to mediafire, you can download from there:
    2. First season episodes 1-13, download the torrent link and have it download in your torrent client, link:
    3. First season episodes 14-54, download link and download files in client, this one is a .zip file so just extract it when it’s finished to another folder, link:

    That should give you the files, just play in MPC-HC and you should be good, when using MPC-HC you can use alt+enter to go into fullscreen, and pgUp and pgDown to go to the next file, I’ll upload the second and third movies in a bit.


    Jacob Wright

    why on earth would you recommend MPC-MC, when you know VLC is the ultimate video player 🙂


    VLC used to be awful so I only ever used it as a backup, it’s okay now but I watch anime with madVR so MPC-HC is still my main player, but setting that up is complicated so I won’t bring it up here.



    MPC-HC and telling joe to get the CCCP is god tier advice.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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