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Did Joe Beat Blood-Borne?

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    Kaleb Craig did not ever beat Shadow of Mordor.

    Joe got carried in a multi-player game but still counts as beating it.



    Joe beat Bloodborne. When I played it years ago, I chose the same ending because I just wanted to be done with the game, and I consider it beat. (I plan to go back one of these days and try to beat Gehrman and the Moon Presence, though. Possibly attempt to platinum the game too.) My girlfriend called in help on a lot of the bosses and I’d still consider her beating the game, as well. And she DID fight Gehrman and the Moon Presence. Calling in help is a totally viable, deliberate aspect of the series.



    I don’t think he beat the game. I had a really hard time in Dark Souls2 and I summoned someone for the boss fight and maybe got in 2-3 hits and the other player destroyed the boss. Afterword I immediately knew I bitched out in no way felt like I beat the game. Someone being in my game and doing everything doesn’t mean when they beat everything that I can claim i did it



    There’s really no question, he beat it. I don’t even understand the argument that he didn’t beat it. He played the game from beginning to an end and occasionally utilized a multi-player feature.



    Technically yes, but carried so hard that it holds little to no value whatsoever. Can’t really blame Joe though, it was voted in wasn’t it? People should have saw this coming and not voted for a complete waste of time of a review.



    When you played Super Mario Brother 3 with an older sibling. You died every level and your brother beat ever level and beat the game. Does that still count as you beating the game? You did not beat 1 level but you still played every time it was your turn.

    I say Joe beat the game. He may have not done it the way you would have wanted him to. But he still beat it.

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