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    With Destiny 2 less than a week away and clans being a new addition I was thinking we need to represent. I’m looking to either join (or with your blessings) start an exclusive, official Nude clan for Destiny 2. Raids, pvp, etc. Anyone else interested? Thoughts?


    Kyle A.

    I’m in. PS4 or PC?





    Kyle A.

    IGN- kabb2013



    Oh I’ll be making a clan don’t worry. I will accept all who wish to join me.


    Kyle A.

    Cool. Waiting for launch as of now.






    Cool I’ll add you tomorrow gonna stream all day so if you’re on feel free to join my team.



    Is this just a meet up thread or can we discuss how pretty boring the game is here?


    Kyle A.

    I’m liking the game quite a bit. The thing is if you didn’t like the first game, you will not like this one. I see flaws, but it is still really fun in my opinion.



    Agreed it has flaws but I still have fun with it.


    Kyle A.

    Currently 277 light, possibly raid ready. Anybody still play the game? I want to start doing trials, nightfalls, and the raid. Feel free to invite whenever i’m online. kabb2013. I mute and unmute since I have kids, so sorry if that is an issue.



    I’m at around 215 power level I think, I just hit 20 last night. We need more people for our clan, the clan XP level is just sad!



    Idk what’s up but I couldn’t find Craig’s tag on the search but mine is Lokilionheart if you guys wanna send me a friend request. I’m not high level light yet and don’t have gear I’m very comfortable with but I’ve still been getting the job done in crucible and am ready for strikes and side missions. The one thing that helped my clan out in D1 matches was having a leader call the shots for the team like where we were gonna go and when to stay put and when to move.. Hit me up!!



    I need an invite. Hit me up Se7enthcircle

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)

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