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Decide for me

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    Since we don’t have a random game forum, I’ll just post these topics here.

    I need the members of the forum to decide what game I play next.

    The choices are..

    Xenoblade Chronicles X
    Grand Kingdom
    Tokyo Mirage Session #FE

    XBC X will be a second try into the game. I bought it at launch, but I stopped playing for no real reason. So this would be a new game.

    While I wait, I’ll be hunting in Monster Hunter Generations. If you’re playing too, let me know for a friend add. I have no friends. 🙁



    I’m going to say Tokyo Mirage Session #FE.

    Looks like X-2 on crack and i’d like to hear what its like 🙂

    Sorry dude!



    I played the first few hours and it’s pretty crazy. It’s jpop idol culture meets persona with a dash of fire emblem.

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    Damn that’s a hard question to answer man. I know one, heard of another, and blind to the last. Whatever one you play shoot me a review.



    Still not sure, I’m kinda leaning towards xenoblade X. I have a lot of free time right now so..



    Have you played the original Xenoblade yet? Its better than Xenoblade X but I would probably suggest you play that one.



    I have, it’s very good. Xenoblade chronociles actually has a plot but X is pretty good too. I’m just running around exploring as a pathfinder and getting the probe locations linked.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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