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Crystal Chronicles Questions HERE!

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    Joseph DeGolyer

    Ask away!



    Howdy gents!

    1) Did you guys have any trouble getting to play Co-op? Or did you already have all the necessary parts and systems ready to do that?

    2)Would you ever play this again out of your own volition?

    3)What was your favorite thing about the game? It can be anything, music, spell animation, etc.

    4)What was your least favorite thing about the game?

    Thanks for all that you do! Also I totally work at the Post Office as a City Carrier so I got stoked when I heard Caleb can relate to a lot of my daily on goings.


    Do you feel like you missed out on a lot of the story by only playing the dungeons and rushing through? If you had the chance would you go back and play some of the side-quests to flesh out some more of the game, or reccomend other people playing, alone or with friends to do so?

    Favorite boss/enemy design in the game?

    Favorite dungeon?

    Did you feel like the lore in the game was interesting, like how the Lilities used to control this vast empire, or how the Selkies were outcast from the other races?

    How does it compares to other FF universes, like Ivalice, or more generic FFs?

    What you want out of a sequel, not having got into the ones that already exist yet? Ideally how would it be handled, and what changes would you make?



    How did playing this game co-op effect your experience? Also, do you believe playing this game with a total of 4 people co-op would have further enhanced the experience?



    Do you think this series of games needs to be left out to die. Considering this is apparently the best one? Should they continue to make these spin offs? Would Schweiss play it again for a plat on ps4?


    How did the opening movie stack against other opening Final Fantasy movies?



    What did you think of the multiplayer?
    Do you think more FF games should have had the option?
    This was the first FF game or Square RPG for that matter that appeared on a Nintendo system since like FF6 on the SNES. How do you think Nintendo and FF fans reacted to this?
    thoughts on the final boss? More thoughts pls talk about the boss lol.
    How does it make you feel that the FF Union guys love this game, played it together and the one guy actually talked about it being too easy and being able to speedrun it I believe in one of the episodes from a few years ago. He called the game relaxing and a breath of fresh air.

    Where you tempted to get Cameron and Kalebcraig to join you all for a full on 4 player multiplayer fun?

    How would you have reacted back when this came out if you were 10 and had your friends over for a sleepover during summer vacation and you all spent the night playing this together? Would you have enjoyed it more?

    This is your first Crystal Chronicles game what do you think of it as a first impression of the series like FF tactics was your first Tactics game?

    Do you think you will like the DS ones more? I think the DS ones are fun and exciting to play in a group of 4 they really fixed a lot of stuff.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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