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    Here are my best comic book suggestions.

    The Books of Magic (original 4 comic books by Neil Gaiman) it later had another series over 75 comic books but see if you like the original series before continuing. Think of a cooler Harry Potter type story in a huge fantasy type setting with deeper lore going into Lord of the Rings territory and being very exciting and enjoyable to read.

    The Invisibles is one of the comic book series that the Wachowski Sisters loved the most and used it as inspiration along with Ghost in the Shell for their Matrix series.

    Hellblazer/Constantine dunno if any of you ever watched the Keanu Reeves movie Constantine or the tv series from like 1 year ago but the comic books are way better so if you even slightly liked the idea or concept then check it out.

    Fables is a great comic book series if you ever played the Telltale game The Wolf Among Us for PS4 and enjoyed it then this is a great comic book series to read.

    V for Vendetta

    are also great comic books too.

    And want to know what they all have in common lol? They are all Vertigo comic books which is a part of DC Comics which focuses on more interesting and mature type stories for adult audiences (and no not adult in that way…)

    Highly suggest reading anything Vertigo if you are an adult and new to comics and don’t want to read superhero stuff or things you view as for kids. Vertigo stuff always rules the Best of Comics list on many peoples top lists.


    With that being said Batman Rebirth (new Batman series) just started with issue #1 over a month ago and is a great place to start reading Batman because its the main series now.

    If you are interested in Batman there are a bunch of single comic books of his most famous stories like

    The Killing Joke
    The Dark knight Returns
    Batman: A Death in the Family
    Batman Knightfall
    The Long Halloween
    Batman Year One

    which are all must reads.

    read some Punisher, Suicide Squad, The Watchmen, Blade, Lobo and Deadpool comics for fun

    and if you are looking for “special comics” Joe then I suggest Bondage Fairies or Milo Manara books… ehem lol ;D (its an inside joke among comic book fans and at my local shop we always troll people for laughs bout those series)



    @shinryu I second Watchmen and Sandman. Those were great. Everything by Niel Gaimen and Alan Moore are amazing.

    I’ll add- Maus by Art Spiegleman, Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, and Battle Chasers



    Get that Sandman, Yo!
    I’m not theven biggest comic book reader, but I love me some Niel Gaimen. Man’s a damn legend, literally farts gold. Lol

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    @branny yeah Neil Gaiman is great and Sandman is great as is most of the stuff he does.



    The Death series he wrote was really good too. Short but good..



    If you want a “traditional” comic book story, check out early 2000s Marvel’s The Ultimates Vol. 1 and 2. Great writing and art and a solid story.

    Speaking of Marvel, the very first six comic arc of Wolverine Origins was a good read.

    Jeff Smith’s Bone is a solid read as well and available as an all in one Omnibus.



    Preacher book 1
    Covers the first 12 issues.

    Written in 1996 and full of references to the 90’s.



    Another classic is The Incal comic book it is really good. Just one solid graphic novel book for the whole story.

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