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    What are you stances on cheesing a game? Let it be a fighting game cheesing moves to win or a RPG cheesing something to lv up fast.

    I ask this because in Persona 5 at a certain time there is a status effect you can inflict on a almost unbeatable enemy and it’s insta death and you get a shit ton of experience for it. Like I went from lv 54-99 in about 2 hours. You can’t do it until very late game but some people would frown on this but I mean the developers put it in the game right?



    I think is ok but a bit cheap.

    Do you not feel like the game is too easy now you’re Level 99?

    I’ll concede if you have finished everything and just want to level grind then I guess its ok, and if you need to beat some super boss but in general, mid game its cheap.

    As another example there was a football game (soccer to you Americans) where my mate had learned to score direct from corners. It was so frustrating, it got to the point where I refused to play him. Scoring direct from a corner It happened in real life, but to score direct from a corner is a fluke not a guarantee!!!! Ahhh just thinking about it is getting me soooooooooooo angry.

    Anyway, have a listen to the UFF FFIV review and hear Joe’s cheap way to complete the game after the moon gave him a spanking. As Jacob Wright would agree… The moons not that tough, just don’t be a bitch! (Smiles evilly and laughs like Kafka, Mic Drops and walks away) 🙂



    Oh yeah I’m on the last palace (dungeon) and nothing was hard just very bad HP sponges at this point I’m just in it for the ending story.

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