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Character on Brynhildr

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    Hello everyone I transferred my character to Brynhilder. My character name is Tisamon Mienn add me and let’s play some FFIVX!!!



    Sweet, I took a break for a little while but will definitely add you when I get back on!


    Kaleb Schweiss

    Awesome, Kegs! @krinital will be pleased!



    Hello just started up on FF XIV, and was wondering if there is a Free company to join on brynhilder that belongs to the podcast. Thanks, hope to see all online =D



    I created a character on Brynhildr as well. Eliath b’Naal. This is my first time on an mmo so sorry if I am a little slow on some of it but I would love to play with some of the listeners or UFF/geekdom cast. Add me and I hope to figure out what to do from there. Haha


    Kaleb Schweiss

    Welcome all! @krinital is the master of the Free Company, so he’ll be best equipped to help. I’ll make sure to add you when I get back on, Gage. Looking forward to doing battle with you all!



    Heya. I just got back into the game. Add me for the Free Company. My name is Arcangel Aldriel. Hope we can team up.



    i have been a bit busy i will be trying to add you this week.

    go here so we can chat and i can get notified your on.




    Thanks @krinital I hope to put in some hours this weekend. I will look for you as well @alundra



    I also made a character on Brynhildr[brand]. Please invite me if you catch me online. My character’s name is Zoloe Rose.



    Wow. I thought I had my character posted all ready.

    My character is Toragana Kahkol. Female Au Ra, main Dragoon level 66, currently doing Stormblood content. I am in the FC.


    Justin E Lawrence

    Hey Everyone I started playing ff14 on byrnhildr and wondered if I could get a free company invite. Character’s name is Don Dellbon. I’m a level 36 WHM main and casually working my way through the story of ARR


    Kaleb Schweiss

    Hey Justin! I’ll make sure to get you added tonight. Glad to have you! Let us know if you need help with dungeons at any point.


    Kaleb Schweiss

    I tried adding you @Justin , but the system didn’t pull you up. Is it one name, or two?



    Judge’ Gabranth’ feel free to add me, highly skilled ninja main, always down to run stuff.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)

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