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Cameron. Mass Effect Andromeda is the first big Triple A Game Flop of 2017!

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    Cost $40 million to develop.
    Huge team.
    EA well did what EA does best…
    People actually pointed out that Mass Effect 1 on the Xbox 360 ran and looked better than the new Mass Effect Andromeda game.
    It has become an internet meme now with some parody fail videos reach the 1 million and 500k YouTube view mark.

    By all means avoid buying this at full price and I was listening to the episode laughing at how you were describing “I love Mass Effect! and Andromeda looks awesome!” I was like lol guess you didn’t get the memo yet.

    Allow me to enlighten you all.

    https://youtu.be/sUfZMocgHKc (<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<- My favorite one)

    https://youtu.be/6MEKM2amQ2E (<<<<<<<<<——- This one got 3.2 million views

    So uh yeah you guys picking up this gem lol for $60?

    By the way regarding Persona… You won’t play it because its 140 hours???
    I beat Persona 4 the first time I played it in 60 hours. Persona 1-2 take about 30-40 hours. The games are great and you never even played them. The games aren’t dating sims but they do allow you romance certain characters. Why do you hate that and anime?

    But dating and romance in Mass Effect Andromeda is ok?

    https://youtu.be/UdXS7xYzzno?t=4m39s (4:39)

    Seems like some double standards lol I suggest playing some Japanese games for the show 😀



    Can’t edit posts and for some reason the best video was a link and didn’t embed



    Nier:Automata is actually out-reviewing this lol cow, praise the lord.

    Maybe slightly controversial, but, I thought Mass Effect 2 was nowhere near as good as Mass Effect 1, I didn’t play ME3 beyond a demo which basically confirmed the series just…lost it’s way, they made ME2 into more cover shooting, less talky talky RPG with space exploration IMO, the controversy over the dogshit ending of ME3 sealed my apathy I guess.

    I don’t think I was going to get this, and as much as this is petty as hell, I think I’m having more fun laughing at this game then I’d get actually playing it, and I am sorta’ glad to see Bioware tank a series after ruining what made it good, then again what they did with Dragon Age was a fucking travesty and Inquisition set the world on fire despite being inferior to Witcher 3 in every single way, apparently this is like Mass Effect:Inquisition which is all I needed to know to not touch this game with barge pole that stretches from here to the fucking moon.

    But hey, at least this is the most diverse Bioware game yet. :^)



    I say give Mass Effect Andromeda a chance, yeah it may look like shit, but what about the game play, does the facial hiccup mess with the game play at all, if not what is the problem, they may look constipated they may not at time, Iv’e seen games on PS4 and X1 that look way worse than Mass, and to get on the NieR subject fuck yeah it’s a great game, the sound track is beast as fuck, the visuals look ok, but the game play is hella fun. I give it a 4 1/2|5.



    Reports have suggested that there’s glimpses of classic Mass Effect (which doesn’t mean shit for me, because they sure as fuck don’t mean Mass Effect 1) but quests are dull, teamates are dull, and it’s probably the worst RPG Bioware have ever done, which is an exact phrase I’ve heard thrown about a few times. (I hope they just forgot the Sonic RPG that they made!)

    I don’t care, because I’m enjoying the hell out of this game, despite not actually owning it, or playing it.



    New Mass Effect video is hilarious!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KWkao73HuU (11:28 is hilarious my favorite part)


    Cameron Wilson

    I decided that I needed to play the whole series before I pick up andromeda. That way I may be able to form a better opinion on the series as a whole, and maybe some of those issues with andromeda may be addressed, or at least the game may be found at a discount. We will see.



    I want them to release a GOTY edition of all 3 and DLC for the PS4, I neverp layed 3 because I loved the first ME to pieces and I thought ME2 was a worse game, but I know I’m in the minority with that opinion so didn’t care about ME3.

    Original ME was rough and had ‘boring’ Mako sections, but at least it felt like you were exploring the Galaxy and was more of an RPG, ME2 literally felt like ‘talky bit’ – oh look at all these waist high walls! :^) – talky bit, more polished sure, but worse crewmates, felt more of a TPS set in space, like Deus Ex or something.



    New one this is hilarious too

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