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    Was listening to Ultima and Blade Runner got brought up and as it’s one of my fav movies and I think fun to question.I was hoping maybe someone could help clear up the Deckard Replicant theory.. I am in the Deckard is human camp overall because Ridley Scott wrote it that way but there’s quite a few scenes that confuse me if he never intended him to be a replicant.SPOILERS FOR BLADE RUNNER AND 2049
    1.The Piano scene with the pictures of his family and dreaming of the Unicorn..In this scene he’s contemplating the Replicants having memory implants and the fact that they all have pictures of their family and in the scene he’s wasted staring at his family pics and then hallucinates the Unicorn.. don’t get what this scene was supposed to be or mean if not to hint he actually is a Replicant.

    2.Rachel asking him if he ever took the Voight Kompff test.. I guess it could have been a replicant what’s different between them and us but still I think it could add to the theory

    3.All of the replicants eyes glow and Decakrds do too when he’s in his kitchen but I read that might have been a coincidence
    4. Deckard being able to get his ass kicked so hard by all the Replicants. In 2049 K can only stand his ground with them because he’s one too.
    5.The Ending.. The oragami unicorn being left on his door. Wtf was that supposed to mean and how did the cop know about his Unicorn dream?

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