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Best thing from E3 2018

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    Just curious what you all took away from this E3 as your favorite thing. For me I thought it would either be Fallout 76 or Kingdom Hearts 3, but the Resident Evil 2 remake caught me off guard and it looks so fucking good. And most importantly, NO MORE TANK CONTROLS!



    The two moments that made me actually say “Holy Shit!” out loud were Aqua-nort and Snake in Smash. RE2 was also a great moment. I’m even more hyped for Spider-Man after their E3 showing.



    KH3 Aqua-Nort got me too. I wasn’t expecting that. Spyro Remaster/ Remake footage was also pretty great. Toys For Bob did a wonderful job.



    I dunno’ about best, but Capcom officially and publicly burying DmC for good, and amazing day for all true actual DMC fans everywhere. and publicly disowning it as the non canon game that it is (” “For 10 years, after the release of DMC 4, fans are looking for a true sequel” or something Itsuno, the guy who made 2 of the games, said that on E3 right?) was pretty fucking special.

    DmC is okay but we can finally just pretend it never happened, some people will clutch the game to their chests no doubt, but no one cares what they think, at least not anymore.(get your own fucking series).

    I was a little worried, I thought it was a DmC sequel at first because Nero looks super like Donte with white hair now, if I’m being honest the entire aesthetic for DMC5 still reeked of DmC and just seemed a bit..off to me. So While I’m absolutely over the moon the real DMC is back, I’m not sold on the footage so far but hey it was just one trailer. Maybe people will pump out combo videos and boss kill videos that are actually worth a damn now, seeing as we won’t have a super casual combat system this time (hopefully).

    Runners Up – Resident Evil Remake 2 looked pretty good but Leon looked so wrong for me, and I’m worried the horror will be lost, Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer has made me pre-order and get the HD collection of the series to replay through and I am in fact in Antartica right now with Ariel the Mermaid.



    Resident Evil 2 REmake caught me off guard, I’m super-stoked for that since the RE7 engine makes everything look amazing at silky-smooth 60 FPS, but since I never played the original, I’m gonna try and get on that before January. Other than that, nothing really blew me away. Ghost of Tsushima, Devil May Cry 5, and Cyberpunk 2077 look awesome, but nothing this year really gave me that “jump-out-of-my-seat-and-yell” level of hype. The closest thing to that was that they’re at least making a sequel to Doom 2016, but I guess we’ll have to wait ’til Quakecon to see it.

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