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Best Party for You to Use…Not as a Game!

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    You will actually go through some sort of FF journey and pick 4 comrades to make a 5-man team.

    1.) Whom do you want in your party?

    2.) What “role” will you be, and who will fight with you?

    Note that you may not necessarily want to pick the best fighters on your adventure (for example, even if Squall or Tidus is good in combat, one of their personalities may drive you nuts and you would rather have a weaker but more pleasant character for the journey). (Related question: how long are the journeys in FF games? months?)



    When I was in my early 20s (About 2003-2004), I wrote about 50 pages of a modern fantasy novella in which the protagonist was able to see through the veil of reality into a realm where sprites, faeries (good and evil) walked among us, veiled by a filter of reality of sorts. I took inspiration from the White Wolf game Changeling, if anyone has any idea what that is. Anyhow, when I read this question, that flooded back to me and I envisioned my quest through a modern world with fantasy elements bleeding through leading to a confrontation with a group of villains hidden in plain sight, manipulating reality through subtlety. So, here is my 5 PERSON team (no gender discrimination on team banedrom).

    I would see myself as a Beastmaster, taming a beast (specifically a wolf) and focusing on strengthening the bond between me and my comrade. I would fight with a two handed axe.

    For my most trusted companion, I would ask Sabin to join me in my quest. Monks are just bricks and Sabin was the first character I ever played in a Final Fantasy game. I thought his blitz ability was awesome. He is the penultimate strong silent type.

    For my second and third companion, I would recruit Fran and Balthier. They are a solid combo and having the two of them in the party would provide the group with both balance and brevity. These characters have proven that they can not only carry their own, but they look damn good while doing it.

    For my fourth companion, I would pull from Final Fantasy IX and recruit Dagger. Her healing and summoning abilities would be a welcome addition to the party and I always found her a character that had more to her than just mere superficial princess. Plus, she totally ran away from her royal “family” to follow her dreams. How inspirational is that?

    For my fifth and final companion, I would ask Lightning to be team leader. Say what you will about Final Fantasy XIII, but Lightning is one of the most iconic characters in the whole series, especially among younger fans of the series. She is not only a complete and utter badass, but she is also motivated and bold and a solid leader. She is the perfect candidate for the leader of my dream team.



    My role would be similar to Irvine in FF8, I probably couldn’t fight very well but I know how to shoot 🙂

    King Edgar (discounts!!!)
    Cid (FF4-gotta have an airship that can be modified)
    Quinna (I want to eat well!)
    Gogo (quiet and can do all of the above!)


    Skoll Hati

    I think I would play a combat rule, cause I love that shit! I guess I would be either a Viking, who secretly wants to be a Black Mage.

    Also in my party would be Vivi because he’s never annoying and is awesomely strong. Plus he’ll be dead in a year so I don’t have to deal with him after the adventure! Just kidding, I love that little pointy hatted mother fucker!

    Also in my party would be FF X version of Yuna because she’s a white mage and also a summoner. Also the adventure would be over before she goes all X-2 on everybody. Once that transformation occurs I can either kill her or tell her there’s a sphere in the afterlife so I don’t need to concern myself with that.

    My third team member would be Cloud because he’s strong and also not an annoying little shit like some blonde male protagonists. After our adventure he can just deliver all the rest of his life so I don’t have to worry about him either.

    My last team member would probably be Balthier because we need a pilot, and a gunman, and he’s fuckin awesome! He can just chill with me after the adventure cause he’s the shit!


    Skoll Hati

    geez sorry for all them fuckin typos



    Is there a problem here? I address problems directly and constructively.



    Battman2J put some real thought in there. King Edgar almost made my list as well. Chainsaw FTW.

    Skoll Hati you might just have the most balanced team possible there. Magic, physical attack, and a pilot. Good thinking. That Yuna…

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