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Best battle system in the series?

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    What does everyone consider the best battle system in the series?

    I was talking to Kaleb about this in stream but think this is a better forum for discussion.

    Basically: those of us who play Final Fantasy XI/XIV, if it’s even fair to include the MMOs then are they not hands down the best battle systems in the game?

    The key thing here is that they are multiplayer and both feature several complex jobs and battles are completely arena based, like in XII.

    I can’t speak much for XI, but for XIV I feel I can speak a whole bunch, it’s blatantly in the vein of WoW with a Final Fantasy feel, what this means to non WoW/XIV players who are fans of the series is that you have to move around bosses and enemies manually, use combos manually and dodge attacks manually.

    And it’s really really fun.

    To use Ifrit or Leviathan Extreme as an example, we’ve fought these a bunch in the series, but never with 8 other players, we’ve never had to keep up the damage down debuff on them before to make sure they won’t one shot the tank, we’ve never had to say ‘The NIN has used Trick Attack, use your strongest attacks in the next 10secs’ or ‘Let’s use a Bard specifically because we have a Black Mage and the Bard can play Foes to increase magic damage’.

    This is a level of complexity I don’t think is found in other FF games, complexity and in some fights, difficulty in a skill based sense, slightly dynamic as well. Titan Extreme will summon mini titans mid-fight that a player will have to pick up and drag to the side and players will have to kill so the sludge they leave behind won’t stop players from dodging ground line based aoes from knocking them off the platform, is this even possible to do in the turn based FF games?

    So that’s my main reasoning why fights are better in XIV, but also the Job system itself is great too, it’s not as flexible as others, but each Job by itself requires learning and skill to play to 100%, Kain and Tifa may be Dragoons and Monk’s respectively, but play a Monk in XIV and you are actually punching things instead of pressing ‘attack’ over and over, you have loads of skills and utility to bring to the part.

    All I know is, that I will enjoy the battle systems in FF games to come I’m sure, but nothing will be as fun as XIV’s for me.

    What does everyone else think?



    Thus far, I am going to have to say FFVII and FFX tie for the main series and Tactics for spin-offs. While I do like the job system, namely in Tactics, I think it works best for a game that is meant to be lingered over. I like turn based/ATB systems and feel they are a good balance between control and speed. If I could have any system I wanted for a main story game, it would be the ATB system that allowed me to swap out party members at any time and used Materia. Even better would be a game that allowed the player to choose which battle system they would prefer, but that’s just wishing for the moon. The series is going to an action battle system like XI,XII,XIII and XIV. We’ve seen that both XV and VII-R are going this route. It has it’s strengths, but I prefer to take control of my whole party when I can. It seems to me that XV is just expanding the Trust system of XI. Granted we’ve seen this in other games as well, like Skyrim and Fallout where the player has a choice of Companions and even as early as Secret of Mana, but it’s never been my preferred style. I will always love the ATB.



    I think Tactics games are a great alternative to XIV/XI, because you not only have 100% control over party placement, but party build and everything (in the case of FFT anyway).

    Thing is with games like the PS1 Final Fantasies, stuff like the Materia system was great but in terms of actually fighting? Just amounts to a spamming attack usually, I find stepping outside of Final Fantasy can show you what a great battle system truly is, I’ve been playing Legend of Dragoon recently and that has you eitherg et good reflexes or you’ll do piss damage and take more, before that I played Xenogears which had you input manual button combos.

    Not that they have anything to do with the topic, but it relates to how XIV hast heb est combat system imo, even real time games like FFXIII, there’s shit like aoe attacks in a game where you can’t even control movement of yourself or enemies, whereas in XIV you can do just that and good aoe rotation knowledge is rewarded with faster kill times/good damage and extends beyond simply attaching Fire to All and casting fire.

    And like I said before, I like FFVII a lot but, what was the difference in characters beyone limit break? It was part of the beauty of the freedom it gave you but I liked having XIII and characters like Snow being the BEST Sentinel (at least at first, right?) but not the ONLY Sentinel, felt unique.

    I will say one thing, you have to appreciate just how SE have mixed up the combat of a series that’s ran this long, it’sn ot doubt one thing that kept it so freash.



    I tried not to reference too much outside FF becasue the question itself was about FF. I, for one, am not good at twitch games so I’m not a big fan of games the rely on twitch response for the fights and not much else. This is why I don’t play fighting games, I suck ass at them unless they are button masher friendly like, uhm, I think it was Tekken. Not positive, but button masher anyway.

    Tactics is great, being able to position the pieces on the board is a lot of fun, but the drawback to Tactics system is that it takes an age to play a single battle. While I like that in that game, that is basically the whole game. As much as I like the newer action RPG style, I miss being able to control everyone and really decide what they do. I really wish there was an almost VATS like system that would allow the player to slow time, decide what the character would do, then let it go, but for each character. And it would be nice if this was an optional choice. Unfortunately, that is a hell of a lot of programming and probably too much to ask. I prefer combat to be slow enough that I can actually think about it as I do it and not rely on memorized reflexes that for me tend to get mixed up anyway.

    One of the things I enjoy about the FF series is the combat style and the time it allows for choices. When playing the FFXV demo, I acutely felt that lack of combat choice. It is basically Skyrim, pick which skills go on which button and in combat just use those few buttons, don’t change the skill or spell mid fight, don’t choose in the menu, just keep hitting those couple of buttons with their preset actions. I’m fine with changing it becasue I know I’m in the minority here, and I didn’t make the game, but I will always love the old style and miss it when it’s gone all Western.



    FFXIV probably has the best boss fights. The boss fights will throw different mechanics at you on the fly to keep you on your toes. God help you if you’re playing a later boss without having read a quick guide or without an experienced group to follow.

    But I think that FFX has the best battle system overall. The bosses might not be as involved as FFXIV, but the battle mechanics are fun, easy to learn, and can still provide a challenge in the later parts of the game.



    FFT had one of the best battle systems but you could have one battle for hours. FFX was a good step in the direction for fast paced anf turn based. FFXIII lightning returns had my favorite battle system i could switch between classes i set and equipment i picked on the fly to exploit bosses and have defense strategies. FFXV has a weird system to me because its not free choice, you are stuck with 4 choices unless you switch in the menu screen so there will be alot of that unless you only use one weapon and the same 3 magic spells. Im gonna mess aroubd a lot to see the changes from the demo though they should have improved it to where you click the d-pad button twice and it would switch between stacks. FFXIV i steam rolled everything with the battle system, but i would never want that on a single player console game.

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